Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 is outta here!!!

I guess I should write an ode to 2007 to finish up my blogging year. Well here is how my year was…..

Jan-Normal New Year stuff broken resolutions, weight gain, post holiday stress & lots of bill paying

Feb-Sucky month had surgery that went astray found myself with a pee bag strapped to my leg

March-Birthdays galore Mary, Tiffany, Dad 1, Dad 2, Brent & Traci

April-Not much happened that I can remember

May-Ahhh the beginning of summer vacation and the month our house decided to go ablaze. 2 weeks we lived in a swanky hotel only to be reminded our home was a burned out shell.

June-Camped in a 30ft camper in our backyard, kids spent a lot of time with Grandma in MN to allow the contractors some peace.

July-Still camping in the yard bonfires, BBQ and beer seems to be the pattern here. Spent a few weekends with my mom, 4th of July on the lake boating & grilling in the park, Griffith family reunion in the Worthington park I swear I spent more time in MN this summer than ever before. Our house was finished with the major repairs July 17th so back inside we moved with A/C and hot water oh what heaven.

August-We spent unpacking and repurchasing items we were lacking. On vacation the kids and I went 11 days we were gone.We drove the country side going through SD, MN, IA, IL & MO. Old cemeteries, war memorials, tombs, State fairs, concerts & shopping we did find memories that were made will last a lifetime. On the 18 Lillian’s birthday we celebrated with the kids first concert Sugarland is who we seen, man that Jennifer Nettles sure can sing the Il State Fair is where we were at.

September-I spent sick as a dog, pneumonia I did catch and in bed is where I slept for days on end. Took 3 antibiotics to beat but by months end I was feeling a bit more alive.

October-Birthdays again Lukus, Jenny & Momma 2, cake and ice cream we did have. This month was also a big surprise when Momma 2 left Dad 2 after 40 years, this family has shed a few tears but we want what is best for them happiness we hope they both find.

November-Thanksgiving was a catalyst on our relationship sink or swim has been the question. Swim we have decided together again put all the drama behind and be a family again.

December-My favorite month of the year birthdays galore, Madison, Nicole, Grandma, Jason, Gabriel & I. A year older and wiser I am now. Christmas was low key we spent it at home with our family. Diamonds I did get a beautiful Journey necklace, ( Oh I am so present whoring now), now I sit and wait for what life will bring in 2008.

Whew done that rhyming shit is for the birds but you get the main idea 2008 has a really good chance of being a good year compared to 2007. I am ready to file this one and forget it.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
I wish you all the best in 2008, Be Safe and Have a FUN night!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Omens do you believe in them? I do so what should I think of this one?

Yes that is the tree beside our house and Yes it is full of crows. So does this mean I am going to kick the bucket soon?

I know I am weird like that but you never know what the universe is trying to tell you.

I have spent this weekend having some interesting discussions with the hubby while he was a wee bit tipsyfriday night he revealed some information that was not brought up regarding this matter during previous discussions and let me tell you I was not happy. He on the other hand did not understand why I was irritated well.....

I believe if you are going to lie you had better cover your ass very well exspecially if you are going to lie to me. For fucks sake I spot one a mile away and I knew in the beginning I did not get the entire truth from him. So instead of him doing the right thing and telling me the truth while I had busted him he continued to weave a story that would make Harry Potter proud.
To make the story real short he has brought numbers home for years the normal chain of events is I throw them away, chew his ass and warn him of the numerous ways I would casterate him if he ever dared try anything
This summer was not one to remember and we were very close to getting divorced and we both knew it...I guess he thought it was time to try his pimp skills out and he asked a girl out for a drink and got her number. He lied to me about it for months and finally told me the truth after much fishing on my part.
I am actually kind of astounded I thought if I ever left we would end up like the
Brad Paisley song Whiskey Lulluby
Interesting turn of events and he is still wondering what I am going to do for revenge on him.
I did tell him I should have bought him a little black book for Christmas and made ALOT of snarky comments during the day.
I guess we will have to wait and see cause for real telling your wife you took the number because you are a NICE guy does not really fly with me....and for real Brent I would never call you a nice guy ever you can be the biggest dick bag in the world and the only moves you know how to put on a girl are the ones I taught you QUIT trying to be a PIMP
or I will have to set you straight.

Friday, December 28, 2007

I was dinking around the house yesterday and looked at the calender and relized that my surgery is next week. Shit I am not ready so for the next few days I am gonna be super busy getting the house ready and all the laundry done. I will be out of commision for about 4-6 weeks so no housework for me, I do need to make things very SIMPLE for hubby or he will get frusturated.
I had my pre-op the 18th and am some what ready for it I am having a bit of anxiety. I hate having surgery and I have had 9 months to think about it. I lovingly refer to it as the gutting because really that is what is going down. I am having a total hysterectomy, Mcalls culdoplasty, bladder suspension & Cystoscopy I am not looking forward to it at all. I have had these super anxiety attacks from thinking about dying during the procedure or finding out that there is cancer in everything and we waited to long for the surgery and it has spread everywhere. I may need some professional help I will be in the front row at church Sunday that is for sure.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy 2 days after Christmas!!

I hope you all had a happy holiday we sure did here. The kids were over the moon for their Santa loot we are now the headquarters for Spiderman and the Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Brent and I decided this year we were not going anywhere so if people wanted to see us they had to come to our house. Christmas Eve we had both of our moms, my brother, Jenny (who was very sad her boys were with their dad in Milwaukee), Tiffany & Keira it was fun. We made a ton of food and had some great Prarie Berry Wines if you are a wine buff they have some amazing wines. I am a huge fan of the Pumpkin Bog, Cranberry & Gold Digger. If you are in my area I know The Little Cellar Wine Company has some Pumpkin Bog in stock still.

Brent's mom, Cody (my brother) & my momma



Maddy-The Hip Hop Queen

Luke being present CRAZY Keira looking like an angel:0

Brent throwing snowballs at me while I am taking pictures BTW he did not set the date stamp when he put new batteries in the camera. These are from Christmas day

We were blessed with a TRUE white Christmas so we enjoyed being home with just Brent and I and the kids. We played in the snow and then had Turkey dinner and more wine. It was good stuff.

Love ya all:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The dishes are finally washed , I can see my living room carpet, bags of wrapping and boxes line the rear of my house, kids are no longer present cracked out, I have had a nap....Guess Christmas is officially over....a month of shopping, planning and cooking and it is over.
My mom had the nerve to bitch that my bacon wrapped shrimp were a bit overdone Christmas Eve hmmmm maybe if she had not got bombed and maybe watched them or God forbid actually helped me cook some of the food....Oh hell let;s not even go there. It was a lovely holiday and when I find the damn cord to my camera I will post some pictures.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!!
May your day be filled with joy, love and family.
Enjoy the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us and never forget this holiday is about the birth of our savior. Keep him close in your hearts.
or you could be like my little man and sing
Happy Birthday Jesus, Fa La La Fa La La
Jurasic Park Fa La La La
Santas coming with a big dinosaur for me
Jurasic Park a la la la
Enjoy you holiday and I shall resume blogging the day after cause I am not a retard and running out for the after the holiday sales for Fucks sake I just finished shopping WTH would I want to do more.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shopping, cooking, baking & holiday cheer making, in other words come back later like sunday when I am done with all my pre Christmas preperations....cross fingers and pray it is done by then.
Have a Happy pre-Christmas weekend.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Things to bitch about today.

My coffee maker hates me
I am tired
I am only 1/3 of the way done Christmas shopping
I need a shower….bad…real….bad
I have to go to ToysRus today
I am super bitch with a hair trigger right now

I am sick of the holiday hoopla, sick of shopping, sick of people, sick of cleaning & sick of pretty much everything.
Today I have planned to shower and then head into finish shopping after yesterday I do not know if I should be allowed in public.

Standing in line to pay at Shopko last night I was 3 persons from the cashier when my son come out of the bathroom, my daughter pulled the hood on his jacket and he yelled “LOUD”. The cashier looks at the customer she is helping shakes her nappy head and says out loud….

“Some peoples rotten kids” and proceeds to give my son the evil eye.

Before I could even think about what I was saying out comes from the depths of hell within me.

“Hey that is my fucking kid and I deal with that shit daily, who are you to say anything? Shut your yap and start working cause the sooner I get out of here the sooner my ROTTEN child will be gone” LOUDLY like screamed at her.

OH MY FUCKING GOD……Absolute stunned silence from the other 12-15 people in line. The checkers face goes beat red. I however am not the least bit embarrassed…that may be not such a good thing…I have no shame.

When I get up there she is trying to smooth it over by being nice and chatty with me. Are you fucking kidding me? She has the nerve to try and chalk it up to anticipation of presents that is why he yelled. I say to her.

“You do not have to lie now and try and be nice I know he was loud but you still have no right to EVER say anything like that, now shut your yap and check my shit so I can leave”

Did I mention she was like 60-65? Yeah I will be called in for elder abuse…but hell she had no right to say that.

Have a great day:)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ways to make my momma crazy that should not be done prior to Christmas aka phone conversations that will make your momma want to kill youJ

#1-Voice Mail from my momma

Melissa you need to help(frantic voice) OMG the cops are at Jamie’s house arresting her. You need to do something (crying) oh please help her.

Me-Giggle Giggle delete

#2-1st Conversation after voice mail

Me-Why are you calling me to do something? It is not like I am Superwoman and gonna swoop in and rescue her from Sioux Falls finest. She obviously did something that got her in trouble she gots to pay the piper someday.

Mom-Scream-Blah-Blah-Scream (click) she hangs up on me


Mom-You need to go bail her out find out what it costs.

Me-Um yeah not bailing her out it is 1400

Mom-Meellliissaa help her

Me-Remember I have paid her cell bill since Jan last one cost a grand, besides if she is in there over Christmas it will save me some money 1 less to cook for and 1 less to buy more gifts for.

Mom- Scream-Blah-Blah-Scream (click) she hangs up on me


Me-Hi Mommy (super cheery voice) are you busy I am shopping want to help me figure out food for Christmas Eve?

Mom- How can you even think about that while your sister is sitting in jail? You are terrible!!

Me-Well if you think about it she would want us to go on with our lives no crying for her.

Mom- Scream-Blah-Blah-Scream (click) she hangs up on me

Me thinking this sure is getting fun woohooo my mom is ready to explode and if you know my mom she is as subtle as an atomic bomb when she is pissed off.
Now it is Tuesday am and my sister is still sitting in the clink she has court today at 1:30 I am going to go watchJ This is better than TV but the real moral of this story is QUIT ASKING ME FOR MONEY I AM NOT A FUCKING BANK. Just because I have money does not mean I am going to fork it over for everyone else. Besides my sister was picked up on a pre-Christmas warrant sweep she had 3 FAILURE TO APPEARS I figure if she stayed in jail last night at least we would not have to worry about her appearing.

Monday, December 17, 2007

In SD our children resemble small Eskimos for the 5 block walk to school. I am the mom who believes that it builds character to walk to school it teaches independence and stuff like that besides it is to damn cold for me to go out this early. Do not worry they are plenty warm hell they have Columbia Ski Coats on there are no worries there.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Now this is why blogging is so much fun, you get to check out some pretty awesome people. Check out the Girlie Giveaway on Melinda's Blog she is giving away a Coach wristlet I hope I win after my non purchase in Aug in Illinois I am feeling the need for a new wristlet.

Melinda Zook

At around 4 today the final bonus child went home. I have had 2 blissful hours to regain my sanity.

I did put a TV in the girl’s room yesterday along with the VCR/DVD player from our room. It has saved me a lot of head aches this weekend the girls watched TV and movies upstairs and Little man watched them in the living room, Hubby in the bedroom.

We have went from being a 6 TV family to being a 3 TV family, after the fire the cleaning company threw or took all of the TV’s in the house. I have only purchased the essential ones mine, Hubby’s & Living room. Time to buy the kids one….I will consider it an investment into my future sanity.

I am amazed that it is only a week before Christmas this year just flew by. Wow and for the first year ever I have not bought or wrapped a single gift yet. I am thinking it is going to be a hell of a week getting ready. Not real worried about the kids they make out like bandits last year I said Santa is bringing one gift that is it. I may have to supplement that unless I some how get my hands a Wii this week.

They are like looking for a needle in a haystack I am sick of calling all the stores Sunday, the clerks think I am a nut job. I also went into National Pawn and saw they have one in their storage gave the manager my husbands phone number if it comes out this week. More than likely not going to happen but one can wish. If you find yourself with a spare one email and I will give you the address to send it to. What can I say I am desperate but not desperate enough to buy it on eBay or eRobbery as I like to call it.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

There is a really good possibility that if another child with out my DNA walks into my house for anything I may lose my mind. I am so over kids today it is not funny. I have mentioned a few times that pretty much every one of our children’s friends parents are the type you need to keep an eye on or you will be taken advantage of. Perfect example…Friday morning at 7 am one of the girls friends gets dropped off and while her dad is in the driveway she comes in and asks if she can sleep over cause her dad is going out of town for the night…I say fine thinking her dad will call me or something. He never did but while we are running errands that evening she says to my girls her dad is in Gillette. I was like as in Gillette, Wyoming? She says yes.

I am instantly furious for a few reasons:

His cell phone is disconnected and he has never given me an alternative contact number or emergency number.

Who leaves their kid and goes 500 miles away with out telling the person your child is with where you are going.

What would I do if she got hurt and had to go to a hospital I cannot consent for her treatment and I have no one to call.

I am just stunned by this just stunned….I am the parent that takes my kids pretty much everywhere and would NEVER leave them like that.

The icing on the cake was that the 3 girls fought to the point that I would have sent her home if her dad was there, instead I listened to a bunch of bitching and whining and had a house that took me 6 hours to make presentable.

Stick a fork in me I am done….no more Mrs. Nice Girl. I am not a daycare center and I will not be treated like one.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hot bath+Heating Pad+Sleeping children=Heaven

Have a safe and happy Friday night


Friday morning woo hoo...

I have been up since 5am, Brent woke me up to make sure I am able to get the kids ready with out falling. I am happy to say things are A-OK I am feeling good today. Yesterday well that was a whole different story, Brent came up behind me and hugged me to him and swayed a bit side to side and I almost hit the floor from passing out from the pain. Thank God he was holding me tight or I would have hit my head on the counter top on my way down to the floor. He was a bit surprised that I was hurting like that because I am really good at not showing it, my momma did not raise no wuss.

Well since I am up I have a treat for all of you:) I was loving you tube dot com this am and found something that has had me laughing for bout the last half hour...

The Great Cornholio-I love this Traci you will love this to.....

I also found this which is f'ing funny

Do you remember Ren & Stimpy? It was only one of the best cartoons eveh...I sure could use some rubber nipples;)

Paramore-Misery Business I am a fan love this chicks voice and lyrics

The Sweetest Girl- Wyclef & Akon
One of my favorite songs!!!

Ok I am good for the morning got to finish getting the girls ready for school. I do have some interesting news for my girls and do not freak out but Brent and I had the baby discussion last night and we agreed that in 3 years we will have another baby either by adopting or IVF, weird I know but you know that I have regretted that I had my tubes tied after Luke but hell I was in labor for 52 hours with no drugs I would have agreed to allow an arm amputated if you had told me the pain would stop. I will be having my eggs harvested in Jan when I have surgery and then I will start looking for a spare oven to cook me a baby in. I am relieved that he agreed because I was really getting depressed with the surgery coming up and the thought of never having another child was really weighing on me. Sometimes he surprises me and reminds me why I fell ass over teacup for him.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Salvation Army Donations

We have all seen the jolly bellringers that come out in masses during the holiday season.
I have been hearing alot on the news regarding the Salvation Army being very short on toys for needy children and families.
I want to ask everyone to either throw some bills (no change cheapies) in the kettle, donate online to a kettle in your area go here or for those of you with kids talk to your kids about less fortunate kids who may not get any gifts this year then let your kids pick out a gift and donate it.
There is such a good feeling to give something back when alot of us have so much.
I know we all complain that Christmas in so commercial these days but there is something to be said about the Salvation Army they do not care about commercialism they are a Christian organization that HELPS people in need.
Please if you can spare 10.00 go out and buy a gift for a child most malls have Angel Trees and I know ToysRus is keeping there donation box open for another week.
Give yourself the gift of helping someone less fortunate it is the best way to keep the real spirit of Christmas alive.
I am in the mood for some morning music and now that I finally got Traci off the phone I will put it up. We are talking about going to Chicago to look at cars that would be fun I love Illinois I had a blast when I went up there in August. We will have to stop in Bloomington to visit my friends Sarah and Jen and maybe hit up the bar scene. We will see what happens....

Paramore-Crush Crush

Evanescence-My Immortal

Seether-Fake It

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I totally agree and the picture speaks a thousand words. Hang out in anothers knickers and you will get the finger....

I have more pictures from my birthday party these are more towards the end of the night. Don't expect to much we were wasted the very first thing Jenny & Tiff asked for when we woke up was Ibuprofen...light weights:)

Tiff & Jennifer
OMG I not even know how to explain these pictures.
Tiff and Jen taken by me after Jenny dropped the camera on her face and swore I did it..Tiff and I laughed our asses off because she was holding it and dropped it herself.
The picture of Jenny and I who knows she was trying to attack me she is silly:)
Hanging out in our room having a beer and a smoke.
MN sucks they have no smoking in bars anymore...lame
Wasted but damn my boobs look HUGE!
Well Tiff and I having fun looking a bit toasty
Traci & Jenny after desecrating the cake see Traci's green tongue and the missing corners of frosting.....Damn cake eater could not wait;)
Yummy drinky Traci

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

RSM this ones for you

I recieved this in an email from my friend Traci and knew I had seen it before. So this one is for Rockstar Mommy who wrote about the fab Duggar family back in August.

The rest are an edit to this post:

WOW this is offensive but so refreshing

Well I guess my inner bitch and I are going to have to stop fighting each other because this trying to be nice shit is for the birds. I made a friend in June that I have warned repeatedly that I have to bite my lip with them in order to keep the peace. This person is a bit like me little stubborn, smart ass and cocky son of a B. The one HUGE difference is they are a not so good at being on the receiving end of it.

I should get a cookie for how much I have censored my mouth when speaking or hanging out with this person. Seriously to point of constipating my mouth. This has been really hard for me….come on bitches chime in you know how hard it is for me to be politically correct. I tend to say it like it is no holds barred.

I think I offended this person by being rude to them Sunday night. Do I feel a little bad? Just a bit, here is the thing though while censoring my words I have also censored my responses to their words. In an effort to be true to myself I have to quit this shit and be real.

The More I Drink

Monday, December 10, 2007

How to delete temporary internet files and browsing history for dummies.

(I had to call Traci for this tidbit of information only because I delete them from my browser but for those of you who are not cool and use a different browser then me here you are)

Look to your left see the Icon for your start menu? It is the circle with the red, green, blue, yellow flag looking thing in the middle…..mmm…ok got it?

Click on it to open the menu see at the top it should have Internet Explorer right click on that and choose Internet Properties you will then have another menu pop up that has tabs General, Security, Privacy, Content, Connections, Programs & Advanced
Click on the general tab that page should have Home Page, Browsing History, Search, Tabs, Appearance

Click on delete under the Browsing history menu and now no one will ever know where you have been online. Remember how to do and come back and visit me.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hello to my new South Dakota readers. I am a little weirded out having people from this area reading my stuff but hopefully you are normal and not related. If you are a weirdo or related please understand this is my blog and I exercise my rights of freedom of speech. If you feel my opinion is offensive then just go away. If you are related then I suggest that in the essence of peace and harmony in the family you keep what is here to yourself.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ok I promised pictures and you shall get pictures....last night was fun. Some parts are a bit fuzzy I had to have H20 breaks otherwise I was set to hurl all because of this......
That is a supersized Morgan Coke I did not finish it I dumped about 1/4 of the bowl this morning. It was very refreshing.
Do you know what trouble is? It is that drink and I plus these 3.
Jenny, Traci & Tiffany
These are my girls the other 3 parts of my soul.

My best drinking buddies. Here are some pictures of us from the beginning of the night to the end

This is my Nana Bear and that is the face she made when she found out I got her birthday present at Annabelles Sex Shop......I bought her a a Bullet...every woman should have one of these wonderful inventions. The funny thing is she has never been with a man for as long as I can remeber and I am 31 I tell her she needs to knock the dust off and find herself a man. She just shakes her head and laughs. I am the only person in my family that talks shit to Nana and she talks it right back. Told me to eat shit when I made her get her picture taken at the Titanic. I tell her I learned it all from her.

Me and Traci she is so freaking funny we have never stopped laughing in the 14 years we have been friends.

Me and Tiffany

Me & Jenny and umm.....Cousin It (Jenny at the end of the night)

Me at 4am

I am going to nap so no long post today. Gotta wait til sunday.

Friday, December 7, 2007

caution nudity ahead!!

Happy Friday everyone!! Today is the day of the party we are celebrating all the December birthdays in my family tonight. There are 5 of us with b-days this month. The most important one outside of my daughters is my Nana Bear’s she is going to be 69. Woo Hoo as I told her not only a great age but also a great position. LOL and for real I did tell her that. She has long dismissed the though of anyone ever controlling what comes out of my mouth.

Tonight we will eat drink and be merry. I am excited cause all my rowdy friends are coming down to my hometown for the 1st time ever together. Do not get me wrong Jenny and I spent many a weekend in Worthington this summer but it has never been Jen, Traci, Tiff, Jamie & Michelle all at the same time. Look the hell out something wicked is invading MN tonight. I shall arm myself with thy camera for lots of dirt oops I mean pictures.

If you know us you know who we all resemble

Come back on Sat to see the pictures…I told Jen it was casual and she bitched me out about my definition of casual. (I tell people casual on the holidays and wear my PJ’s ALL DAY) there will be no pajamas but yes I may wear a t-shirt….no Jenny I will not buy a sweater for the night. Next thing she will try having me wear a appliqu├ęd Christmas sweatshirt. I am NOT old I can wear a t-shirt if I want to. I have 2 that come to mind hmmm….Vaginas are Super Cool…..or….Take me to Pleasure Town. Maybe if I beg she will wear the Meet the Twins one I bought her…..she is kinda chesty so it was a perfect choice….

If anyone is looking for a last minute gift for me I will take one of these....

I know I should cover up the weiner but hell it is Beck's you know you want to see it to...

I was gonna put a bow on the package but thought it would be better out in the open mmmm...looks good.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


If you have a TV and have watched any news in the past 18 hours you know about the shooting in the Omaha, NE mall. I am having a little trouble understanding how this young man was able to walk into Von Maur, through the store and up 2 flights on the escalator carrying a SKS Rifle and no one f$#*#%g noticed.

I have shopped at this mall a few times, I know the layout and am in shock that with the amount of people in that mall during the holiday season that no one noticed him carrying in the gun. Fucking amazed that our society has become so self absorbed that we do not notice someone carrying a 3 foot gun into a mall. Are you f''ing kidding me even if for one minute someone thought it was a return um....the sporting goods store is on the other side and has a outside entrance would you not say something???

Is it because we are so rushed and full of ourselves that we do not bother to look at other people as we go about our days? People there may not be a way to stop other people from going crazy but there are ways to keep our selves and our families safe....want to know what it is???? Be diligent look around you, know your surroundings...look at the people around you...quit thinking that something like this will not happen in your area. Omaha is a small city and it happened there it can happen anywhere.

I also want to add something about the young man who commit ed this crime and took his own life. I feel very sorry for him...could you imagine for one minute what he was feeling when he did this it was not rage...he was not was not revenge...the shootings were random was hopelessness which is something that can ruin the best of us. He felt he was a piece of shit and a burden to sad is that. He was a lost child that was depressed and hopeless. There are alot of people like him in this world you just have to look around to see them. This is the season of giving, hope, love and is also the season of stress and depression for many people who have no family or not enough money for the holidays. This is also a season that triples the amount of suicides and domestic abuse cases. Where there is something wonderful there is also something very sad it is determined by the person who is living that life. We may never know the entire story but we will always remember what happened. A child lost hope and felt the need to be validated in death we will never know if a small change in his circumstances could have changed the outcome.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hello there is not to much new going on here. I have been pretty much a lazy bum this week, I slept pretty much all day yesterday got up around 4 again. I can say the pain in my back and hip is starting to go away. It seems to get worse right before my period and stays pretty bad for about a week after. I am in the week after and this morning I woke up and could move without tears rolling down my face. I am happily propped up in bed with a cuppa coffee and my laptop ready for the day. I do have a job interveiw today so I am excited about that. Momma needs some new shoes so time to make a little moola.

Tommorow is Ms. Maddy's 8th birthday she is pumped about it. I cannot believe that the colicky screaming baby is going to be 8, weird stuff how they grow so fast. With the kids getting older I have been questioning my choice of being sterilized 4 years ago. I am kinda sad that I am not having anymore babies and now with a hysterectomy planned for Jan 3 I know those days are over. I have however discussed plan B with my friends if the day comes and I do want another child I will either adopt or ideally Traci will have my baby using my frozen eggs. I think either is a good option but who knows if that day will ever come it is good to have options to look at if it does.

The discussion with Traci was funny.....

Me-Will you have a baby for me in like 2-3 years?

Her- Are you serious? Who is gonna be the daddy do I get to have sex with them?

Me-LOL no you do not get to have sex with them I want you to have my baby not yours.

Her-Umm how will that work?

Me-Duh IVF with my are a bit to Italian for me no one would believe the kid was mine otherwise.

Her-Well if the guy is Brad Pitt I would sure take one for the team and give you the baby.

Me-I seriously have some fucking weird friends...don't worry we will knock you out and then knock you up.

Have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I should have won an award for how bitchy I was yesterday to EVERYONE. I am in A LOT of pain and am having a hard time getting through it w/o pain meds. I refuse to take anything when it is just me and little man during the day…so this results in me being very short with people to the point of being rude. If you had to be subjected to me yesterday I am sorry. I think today is heading that way also this is your forewarning.

I did lay around all morning until lunch and then little man fell asleep at 1 so I went back to bed until 4:30 I felt a little better when I got up. Brent came home and I cooked dinner after taking 2 Darvocet and a 800mg Motrin. Took a hot bath & finally finished my book. I have been reading Whirlwind by Joseph R. Garber a good murder/death/kill CIA novel. I did finish the new Post Secret book sat night it was awesome. I am addicted to them I did catch Brent reading one tonight so my enthusiasm is catching.

I like everyone else am busy getting ready for Christmas it seems like my house suddenly vomited out a ton of decorations. There is stuff everywhere, my tree is up and looks beautiful. I am a big fan of the tree it is 7 ½ feet tall and 4 ½ feet in girth..hee…hee…I said girth. It looks so nice with its 800 clear lights, I will need to post a picture of it. I need to do some more shopping gonna look at some dirt biking stuff for the husband and more then likely see if he would like to just go to Vegas for our gift to each other either that or get a cabin in the hills for a weekend. We need some ALONE time to either reconnect or call it good and separate. I am sick of the arguments and I miss being the cherished loved wife. It is nice having someone that thinks you hung the moon…we need to get that back. Family is so important to me I cannot imagine where I would be without it.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Yesterday was the birthday but this friday is the PARTY...woo hoo...gonna be fun. I am excited to hang out with my family and friends. I was looking for pictures of me and my girls and was a bit surprised that the last picture we took of all us girls was my wedding...I will remedy that this friday. Here is one of me and my 4 best bitches.

On my right is my cousin Becky (have not talked to her since that night), Tiffany (my oldest friend), Sexy me, Traci, Jenny & my baby sis Jamie.
As for people who are coming to Worthington with us it is me, Traci, Jen, Tiff, Jamie, Fisher, Jasmine, Tory, Jason, Derek, Emily, Jackie and who the hell knows who else. I am pretty pumped but now I have to say a prayer that I am feeling good because this weekend was rough.
Since I dug out the pictures I am going to add some more.
This is my formal bridal picture
Traci & Bill if you would ask Brent and I which of each others friends we don't like these are the two. I am no fan of Bills and Brent does not love Traci. I on the other hand love Ms. Traci we have had a fucking rocking friendship 14 years and counting.
If you think about it I have lots of long term friends, I do not know many people that are still BFF with their 6th grade BF, I am Tiffany and I have been friends for 17 years, Jenny and I have been friends for 15 years....I am a long term kinda person. Love my friends they are amazing women.
Well thats it for today I promise the posts will get better this week, I have just been so tired I have not been keeping up with the updates and I am not feeling like being interesting.