Thursday, December 6, 2007


If you have a TV and have watched any news in the past 18 hours you know about the shooting in the Omaha, NE mall. I am having a little trouble understanding how this young man was able to walk into Von Maur, through the store and up 2 flights on the escalator carrying a SKS Rifle and no one f$#*#%g noticed.

I have shopped at this mall a few times, I know the layout and am in shock that with the amount of people in that mall during the holiday season that no one noticed him carrying in the gun. Fucking amazed that our society has become so self absorbed that we do not notice someone carrying a 3 foot gun into a mall. Are you f''ing kidding me even if for one minute someone thought it was a return um....the sporting goods store is on the other side and has a outside entrance would you not say something???

Is it because we are so rushed and full of ourselves that we do not bother to look at other people as we go about our days? People there may not be a way to stop other people from going crazy but there are ways to keep our selves and our families safe....want to know what it is???? Be diligent look around you, know your surroundings...look at the people around you...quit thinking that something like this will not happen in your area. Omaha is a small city and it happened there it can happen anywhere.

I also want to add something about the young man who commit ed this crime and took his own life. I feel very sorry for him...could you imagine for one minute what he was feeling when he did this it was not rage...he was not was not revenge...the shootings were random was hopelessness which is something that can ruin the best of us. He felt he was a piece of shit and a burden to sad is that. He was a lost child that was depressed and hopeless. There are alot of people like him in this world you just have to look around to see them. This is the season of giving, hope, love and is also the season of stress and depression for many people who have no family or not enough money for the holidays. This is also a season that triples the amount of suicides and domestic abuse cases. Where there is something wonderful there is also something very sad it is determined by the person who is living that life. We may never know the entire story but we will always remember what happened. A child lost hope and felt the need to be validated in death we will never know if a small change in his circumstances could have changed the outcome.


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