Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday morning woo hoo...

I have been up since 5am, Brent woke me up to make sure I am able to get the kids ready with out falling. I am happy to say things are A-OK I am feeling good today. Yesterday well that was a whole different story, Brent came up behind me and hugged me to him and swayed a bit side to side and I almost hit the floor from passing out from the pain. Thank God he was holding me tight or I would have hit my head on the counter top on my way down to the floor. He was a bit surprised that I was hurting like that because I am really good at not showing it, my momma did not raise no wuss.

Well since I am up I have a treat for all of you:) I was loving you tube dot com this am and found something that has had me laughing for bout the last half hour...

The Great Cornholio-I love this Traci you will love this to.....

I also found this which is f'ing funny

Do you remember Ren & Stimpy? It was only one of the best cartoons eveh...I sure could use some rubber nipples;)

Paramore-Misery Business I am a fan love this chicks voice and lyrics

The Sweetest Girl- Wyclef & Akon
One of my favorite songs!!!

Ok I am good for the morning got to finish getting the girls ready for school. I do have some interesting news for my girls and do not freak out but Brent and I had the baby discussion last night and we agreed that in 3 years we will have another baby either by adopting or IVF, weird I know but you know that I have regretted that I had my tubes tied after Luke but hell I was in labor for 52 hours with no drugs I would have agreed to allow an arm amputated if you had told me the pain would stop. I will be having my eggs harvested in Jan when I have surgery and then I will start looking for a spare oven to cook me a baby in. I am relieved that he agreed because I was really getting depressed with the surgery coming up and the thought of never having another child was really weighing on me. Sometimes he surprises me and reminds me why I fell ass over teacup for him.

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