Monday, July 30, 2007

Can You Say Socks? Piles Of Socks? Mounds of socks?

Fucking Everest of socks? I am a little pissed off today. The backwards asses at Service Master returned our clothing last week and today I am sorting through 3 30 gallon garbage bags of unmatched FUCKING socks which before the fire were all nice and rolled up matched. There are 5 of us in the house and my husband is a anal sock wearer needs to have like 400 pairs before he is happy. He has issues and I am sure the next one will be what a shitty homemaker I am, because I threw away a hundred pairs of his mismatched freaking socks. Kiss my ass buddy it is his fault why can he not be smart and buy the same brand, style and size socks so that really all you need is like 10 pairs WTF you will always have a match and no mystery socks. A mystery sock in my house is the one sock that gets found a year or so after he has worn out or lost the other potential matches. This sock is ALWAYS the other mans sock. You know the other man who comes to visit while hubby works his ass off, the one who loves me unshowered and screaming at 3 kids while trying to clean up the aftermath of the 3ft tornado named Lukus. You know the one who runs out and leaves a sock behind. WHATEVER RETARD please heed earlier advise about buying the same socks everytime and viola mystery sock disappears. Ok enough about the socks I need sleep.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It just keeps getting better

Today has been a pretty good day. I received most of the items from the cleaners today. I now have clothes and shoes!!!! I have been wearing Nike flip flops and a pair of Walmart sandels for the past 2 months sad sad times for my feet. I went through and counted and gave a little love to my 38 pairs of GOOD shoes no we are not talking Prada more like Dr. Martens, UGG, Born, Coach and some seriously sexy heels. I am a shoe fanatic well lets say shoes and purses. When we had the fire and I found out it destroyed the back portion of our closet I was devastated. The very first time I cried about the entire fire was when I pulled my White Chloe Paddington out of the closet and she was charred and sooty. I bawled right there in front of the adjuster...he thinks I am a bit crazy but shit that purse cost me almost 2 grand of course I am gonna cry. I also lost my UGG vest, UGG short boots, UGG Biggies (Tall Boots), silver Docs, 3 Coachs and a couple other purses. I thank my greedy self for taking my Birkin, Python Mulberry, Chanel and Fendi Spy to the consignment shop or they would have been lost also. We have a male adjuster he would of had a hard time accepting a 10,000 claim for purses he just does not get it. Not to knock this state but there are not alot of men who even know what a Birkin costs let alone would ever spend that kind of money on a Ladies Bag:) That does include my husband he thinks the Birkin cost roughly 3000.00 I have hid the receipt for 2 years and finally just paid the entire Visa bill for it. What he does not know won't hurt him. I am considering going to the consignment shop and taking all my bags home with me. I have felt so guilty taking them there that I have stopped going in there because when I see them I remember all the good times with them.........hmmmm.....maybe the Birkin and my Mulberry will have to come to Branson with me. They need a vacation and so do I.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thank Goodness for stress relief

Today has been a day. I do not even know where to start. I started the day being woken up by the tile guy coming to finish the grout at 8am was a little miffed as yes I slept on the couch in the house last night. The house is pretty much done except for the kitchen flooring so I have forced the family to move back in, I am totally over the camping. Well that is the start of the day and it kept getting worse. My daughters have been in MN since friday and I had to drive the 2 hours today to pick them up, I kind of put it off all AM as I was busy. At about noon my sister calls and informs me I am to come get the girls and give her a ride to home(she worked the bar last night). No big deal I am just finishing up lunch with Jenny and the boys I will leave after we are done. I called my sister at 1 and told her I was leaving and she informs me she has a hair and nail appt in MN at 2:30!!!WTF I guess she just thought I had nothing to do today except wait around on her. Well that just tripped the trigger I have had bolted down for awhile and caused a HUGE nasty text message and rude phone call arguement. I was pissed. Then my mom had to throw her 2 cents in and all hell broke loss. I will say my mom is my best friend and I love her very much but....she has been being a weirdo when I have worked the past 4 weeks and has been on my ass about everything so I was primed with ammo. I let loss with words that working 2 years in a truck stop would have made a trucker blush. Then I bawled my eyes out. I am so frusterated these days with the house and Brent busting my ass about everything I knew someone was gonna get the tirade I am just sorry it was my mom, not sorry it was my sister she is a horses ass. After all that Brent called me and said "Going dirt biking you need to cook for me and Jeremy (cousin)." He has some nerve considering that I told him last night to quit talking or it was on like donkey kong. I need a vacation only about 28 days until I leave on my jaunt across the country to Branson, MO. Cannot wait to leave.


Monday, July 16, 2007


Lets see if this works

Need Help

Ok Fellow Bloggers I need some help. How do you add music to your page? Please email me with instructions at


Sunday, July 15, 2007

What a weekend!!

This was the final friday night for Jenny AKA Jessica to go out before her children come home. The boys have been in CA visiting for the last month. What a concept getting the kids to leave you alone for a month during the summer...sometimes I envy the divorced parent then I look at my husband and say nah it's better with the 2 of us. I do still wish for a months peace. Jenny and I decided to head out of state to my moms bar to work and drink. It was not to bad a time we got a bit tipsy and were both a bit ill on sat. I think old age is catching up with us 30 is a rough age. Now we are going to resume our friday night ritual of getting all the kids together and the adults hanging out. A sleepover for big kids basically and some of those fridays we may go out but who knows. This friday we will be unpacking my house, it is supposed to be complete by friday and that includes power...we have one light that works in the bathroom, thats it. I am ready for it all to be done. I am ready to be able to send the kids upstairs and to cook in a REAL kitchen. I have cooked all our meals with a toaster oven, grill and an electric skillet for the past 2 months, I want to bake something. I did manage to bake cookies in the toaster oven that were not to bad. I do look forward to eating off of glass not paper and having a GLASS of water instead of the plastic cups. I have posted this before..I will NEVER camp again after this.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I have poached a quote from Jenny Scott's blog it is a good one

"This is a warning--If you can't handle optimism, don't go around children with cancer. If you feel tears are more appropriate than laughter, don't even think of dropping in on a camp wherey they are. If you don't want to put yourself at risk feeling good about yourself, your life and the world....wear a mask!" --Erma Bombeck

It reminds me to be thankful for all we have. Yes our house burned up 2 months ago and yes we are currently living in a 32ft camper in my backyard while the house is rebuilt but guess what my family is happy and healthy, Life is good for us. It is just a matter of how you look at things.


On May 17th we had a fairly large basement fire in our home that left much of the home gutted. It has now been 7 1/2 weeks of repairs and finally we see progress. I went in today to see the woodwork and trim being put into the master bedroom, paint & texturing being done in the bath and the guys are just finishing up the repairs and wall of the closet in our room. All that is really left is the kitchen flooring (ceramic tile), bath floor (duraceramic tile), kitchen countertop and then the delivery of all the new appliances....we are almost back home. I am adding some pictures from the day of the fire and in a few days will add some of the repairs pictures.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Trio of Trouble plus 5...Why can i not say NO!!

I spent today babysitting for a friend who for the summer has 5 children. I know I am crazy and as most of my good friends know I am short on understanding when it comes to naughty kids. My 3 are no where near perfect but they are mine and I know what makes them tick. Other peoples kids are a mystery to me. I was thinking last night when I said yes that great at 1 all 7 of the big kids will go to the pool for the day and this will be cake. Nope I was lied too when she brought the kids over at 7am and dumped them she has the kids tell me that only 2 of them can go to the pool for the day leaving me with 3 extra kids here while I supervise the contractors and complain so that my house is ready next Tues like they promised. No biggie they will all play nice outside and get along great!! Yeah right 7:15 it is constant fighting my friends 2 girls who are step siblings and the same age do not get along at all. It was constant picking and telling on each other by 7:16 I am done....still 8 hours to go. I will not terrify you with a play by play of the day lets just say that at 5:20 I loaded all the kids up and went and bought beer for when they finally left. Let me say that when they asked me to watch them in the morning I politely asked if they smoked crack in their spare time and declined. I am such a good friend I know. It is irritating though I am a target for people to dump their kids on because I took the summer off to spend with my kids. See that...MY KIDS. Otherwise I would be in school full time and never babysit. I have a rule with my 3 best friends I will let you babysit my kids but I will only pay the sitter for your kids not watch them ever so please do not ask me.

On the other hand the house is coming along good tile went up in the bathroom this week, the painter has almost finished painting, the plumber has been here twice, windows are all finally in and carpet will be laid friday. YEAH less than a week before I have my house back. I am never camping again for as long as I live after this.