Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thank Goodness for stress relief

Today has been a day. I do not even know where to start. I started the day being woken up by the tile guy coming to finish the grout at 8am was a little miffed as yes I slept on the couch in the house last night. The house is pretty much done except for the kitchen flooring so I have forced the family to move back in, I am totally over the camping. Well that is the start of the day and it kept getting worse. My daughters have been in MN since friday and I had to drive the 2 hours today to pick them up, I kind of put it off all AM as I was busy. At about noon my sister calls and informs me I am to come get the girls and give her a ride to home(she worked the bar last night). No big deal I am just finishing up lunch with Jenny and the boys I will leave after we are done. I called my sister at 1 and told her I was leaving and she informs me she has a hair and nail appt in MN at 2:30!!!WTF I guess she just thought I had nothing to do today except wait around on her. Well that just tripped the trigger I have had bolted down for awhile and caused a HUGE nasty text message and rude phone call arguement. I was pissed. Then my mom had to throw her 2 cents in and all hell broke loss. I will say my mom is my best friend and I love her very much but....she has been being a weirdo when I have worked the past 4 weeks and has been on my ass about everything so I was primed with ammo. I let loss with words that working 2 years in a truck stop would have made a trucker blush. Then I bawled my eyes out. I am so frusterated these days with the house and Brent busting my ass about everything I knew someone was gonna get the tirade I am just sorry it was my mom, not sorry it was my sister she is a horses ass. After all that Brent called me and said "Going dirt biking you need to cook for me and Jeremy (cousin)." He has some nerve considering that I told him last night to quit talking or it was on like donkey kong. I need a vacation only about 28 days until I leave on my jaunt across the country to Branson, MO. Cannot wait to leave.


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