Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Trio of Trouble plus 5...Why can i not say NO!!

I spent today babysitting for a friend who for the summer has 5 children. I know I am crazy and as most of my good friends know I am short on understanding when it comes to naughty kids. My 3 are no where near perfect but they are mine and I know what makes them tick. Other peoples kids are a mystery to me. I was thinking last night when I said yes that great at 1 all 7 of the big kids will go to the pool for the day and this will be cake. Nope I was lied too when she brought the kids over at 7am and dumped them she has the kids tell me that only 2 of them can go to the pool for the day leaving me with 3 extra kids here while I supervise the contractors and complain so that my house is ready next Tues like they promised. No biggie they will all play nice outside and get along great!! Yeah right 7:15 it is constant fighting my friends 2 girls who are step siblings and the same age do not get along at all. It was constant picking and telling on each other by 7:16 I am done....still 8 hours to go. I will not terrify you with a play by play of the day lets just say that at 5:20 I loaded all the kids up and went and bought beer for when they finally left. Let me say that when they asked me to watch them in the morning I politely asked if they smoked crack in their spare time and declined. I am such a good friend I know. It is irritating though I am a target for people to dump their kids on because I took the summer off to spend with my kids. See that...MY KIDS. Otherwise I would be in school full time and never babysit. I have a rule with my 3 best friends I will let you babysit my kids but I will only pay the sitter for your kids not watch them ever so please do not ask me.

On the other hand the house is coming along good tile went up in the bathroom this week, the painter has almost finished painting, the plumber has been here twice, windows are all finally in and carpet will be laid friday. YEAH less than a week before I have my house back. I am never camping again for as long as I live after this.

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