Monday, April 28, 2008

I am handing the reins over as of wens to a guest blogger and I am scared you may all be a little shocked by this person but I think you will find him funny. If you don't well there is something wrong with you.
I have emailed the hot BlueBella to do a little something friday,
now I need next weeks guests.
Hello who wants to do some blog whoreing?
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hey kids remember me? Yeah I have been MIA for the past 2 weeks I know that sucks big wank but hey life got in the way. I anticipate being even busier the next few weeks with moving. Never fear remember when I asked my best blog friends to do some guest blogging for me? Well the 2 weeks are here so stay tuned you never know what may pop up around here.

In the mean time here is some humor.....

Sunday, April 13, 2008


We went to the appointment with the Cardiologist on Monday as scheduled. The final results are Brent has Cardiomyopathy which is a big word for Heart Failure. It is not at a state where it is serious or life threatening but it is still there. He will have to take Lisinopril and Coreg daily for the next few years and be monitored monthly for awhile. We are both a little scared and unsure of the future but well the Dr said not to worry so we are going to do what he says.

The medications are used for 2 different purposes the Lisinopril dialates the blood vessels and the Coreg makes the heart beat slower and regulates blood pressure mixed together they are supposed to allow his heart to heal and beat stronger. The totally fucked thing is that all of this was caused by a virus....yes you did read that right a virus. We are not sure of what one but it does seem weird that he came down with Influenza B and has been sick for the past 8 days with a fever over 103 at times. I am not sure if that could have caused it but is a possibility.

He was on bed rest this past week and did pretty good except for Thursday when I worked he snuck out of the house and went to work. I guess the manager of Casey's a few blocks from our house told him he was crazy and she was telling on him. I know he regretted it because friday we ended up napping all day and then just watched TV for date night and slept. We are so exciting. I did let him go to work at the casino today and he was missing me and called a hundred times. He works at a casino on Sundays to help a friend who owns it out otherwise she would have to work 7 days a week. It is easy so I figured he could go. He goes back to his regular job monday. We will see how he does.

We are in the countdown for moving now we were going to start Tuesday but I think we are going to wait and move on the 1st of May. The kids will then only have 10 days of school at the new school and I switch to nights on the 15th for the entire summer I will go back to days in August when the kids go back.

I do not look forward to nights but it saves me 300 a week in daycare. If I worked days I would be paying another person 1200 to spend time with the kids and that sucks. I was thinking of doing daycare that was fun but I have found that not many parents want to spend money on making sure their kids are safe all the calls I have gotten have been regarding $$$ and if I would go any cheaper. I figure if the parents are only worried about the money then they can go to the ghetto and find some mom who is cheap and does not give a shit about the kids. I will be taking mine to the water slides and the pools all summer plus making good money still.

The kids are doing good and excited about moving, I am overwhelmed by all the shit that needs to be done prior to us moving but oh well my lovely house awaits.

Sorry this post is like a bad holiday newsletter I hate the newsy posts some do but here I am guilty of doing also oh fucking well......


Saturday, April 12, 2008

We are still alive, it has been a hectic week. Brent is not a great patient and listening to the Dr has been a challenge. It did not help that he came down with Influenza B last week also.
I will give a post Sunday with details.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Taking a short break back Monday

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.
So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance, take it.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said that it'd be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


After 7 1/2 hours at the Heart Hospital a million tests and a consult with THIS guy we have some answers but no good ones.

My hubby has Pericarditis, Fluid around the heart & a cardiac ejection of 45%. Which means that he came home on a portable heart monitor (Holter?) and 2 different meds plus another appointment Monday morning at the heart hospital.

I am freaked out and scared to death so is he. He is worried and stressed because we found out today that our new health insurance does not kick in until the 1st of May not April 1 like we originally thought. Sucks to be us.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sometimes in life no news is not good news. I have had two of the most terrifying experiences of my life happen in the past 4 days. I am heading for a breakdown I can feel it.

Sat night was date night for Brent and I, we rented movies and made dinner. Layed on the couch and relaxed from 6pm til about 10:30pm. Brent went to the bedroom and layed down about 10 min laters he says to me in a real funny voice "Melissa I am having chest pains" I go in the bedroom and he is white as a sheet and sweating. I asked him to sit up and when he does he passes out. I get him up and get him on the couch and call 911.

The ambulance arrives and by this time he is so anxious and freaked out he refuses to go in the ambulance cause he wants me to take him in. The nearest hospital is 20 min away and I am scared to death he will arrest on me in the car but he does not waver even after the EMT's strongly encourage he go by ambulance. I then get him in the car and we are about a mile away from home when he starts gasping for air and starts to pass out, I wiped a shitty and drove him back to the ambulance bay. He is then taken to the heart hospital given a full work out and sent home with strict instructions to report back to the Heart Hospital at 8am monday morning for more tests.

Monday morning comes and he skips the appointment, I make a appointment for Tuesday morning for him he skips the appointment.

Today, Tuesday 3 hours after he was supposed to go to the doctor I get a call at work that he has collapsed. I leave and meet the crew bringing him in with the same symptoms as Sat night....another full work up and a CAT with contrast is done. Nothing no firm results so now we are headed to the Heart Hospital at 8am for the tests he needed to have monday.

I am scared to death that he is going to die or have something terribly wrong with him. He is only 36 how does this shit happen to a guy like him? Active, Healthy, Perfect weight & no family history......I am baffled and scared to death.