Monday, October 27, 2008

I am in a pretty good place this morning...sitting here listening to some Marley and nursing a super sized headache. I infiltrated the man cave last night and ended up staggering to bed after a few to many beverages. It has been so long since I drank a few to many was 3...sad fact is I am old. I will return.............................
In the interim this makes me sick!! There are some seriously sick fuckers in this world.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Fun Day!!!

This weekend was amazing. Perfect baking weather cool crisp and a perfect 2 days to fill the house up with yummy smells. Yesterday I made new biga in hopes to have some flavorful enough for sourdough by Thanksgiving. Last night I tried out the first round of bread with the fresh batch and it made a heavy crusty wheat with a good nutty flavor. I was impressed with the texture. I did leave Ms. Maddy in charge of the kneading while I had a beer in the garage and she did a very good job. I made some sandwiches for the kids with it and they liked it. Brent well since it was a healthy food he will not touch it.
I did make a 7lb pork loin and did my Georgia pulled pork. There is pretty much nothing left. The kids and guys devored it. Makes me feel good when I cook and there is not even a crumb left. Then I know it was goooooooooooood!
I am done now for the night with baking I swear the oven sighed in relief when I turned it off.
We have unexpected company tonight Brent's cousin Jeremy is here from Denver and is going to stay with us. He is back until wens the guys are going to try and go riding Tuesday for the last time before the snow flies. Currently they and another friend are sitting in the garage bonding as males do. I am not allowed out there. That is fine by me, like I want to hang out with 3 grown men that act like they are thanks.
Other than the baking I did get to read a ok book this weekend. I read Dean Koontz's The Darkest Evening of the Year. It was ok not one of his best. I have also been looking at tat designs I have the itch bad. Something has to be done prior to my birthday I have a good idea of what I want just working out placement. It will be in black I think I am good with color but like the black. My wrist is healed and surprisingly I have had alot of remarks from people on it. Who thought putting believe there would be so noticeable. It is. My Dr at my appointment Friday thought it was very appropriate.
Believing in yourself is half the battle the rest is up to God.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I really need to get a job...This is seriously my life right now. I laughed through this whole song. You have to listen to it all it picks up at .30....LOVE IT!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh Vey!!

I was really a good blogger today. I took lots of pictures to post, that documented the day I had. Right on down to the start of the day. Lets just say this, running 10 mins late-freezing cold-raining-grumpy kids and drum roll......a flat tire. What a lovely surprise this am. I think I have tire gremlins because some days I go out and the tire is flat, Brent has taken the tire off and did the tire diagnostic (fill and water bath) to check for leaks. No leak so really WTF...gremlins I tell ya. You get no pictures though because the gremlins stole my camera cord when they flattened my tire.

I did however get to spend half a day home with my hubby because he got rained out at work. It was great and fun until 4pm when I needed a 20 min power nap. I snuggled down in bed thinking that I was in heaven and started to drift off into dreamland then......he shoved me....and asked me to cook some dinner. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??!!?? He continued this every 5-7min for about an hour intermittently inquiring about what I was making with the chicken I had thawing. I believe I gave him 10 different answers because each time I told him he said "Nah not that".

His choices were chicken parm, stir fry, chicken & dumplings, potpie, cordon blue, rice stuffed, baked, BBQ or fried. He wanted none of them. I finally flew out of bed in a temper leaving in my trail a string of trash talk that would have made a sailor blush. I was pissed I needed that damn nap. Instead I was up making 2 step fried chicken in olive oil with paprika, garlic & ground pepper. For side dishes I made garlic mashed potatoes & stuffing. I feed the kids and Brent comes out and has the nerve to ask where the bread was. Hello I did not make bread today he was pouting because he had to use store sliced bread. I will be making bread in the morning now obviously. I am going to make some Harvest Bread also I am in the mood. It has been raining steadily here for the past 18hours.

*Update on the whole previous post. The friend of a friend I contacted was male and never did contact me back. OH well. I did however do some more looking and found another one of my good friends from that time in my life and I am happy to say he did email me back today. That was really cool he is married with 3 kids. His family is opposite mine 2 boys 1 girl. I think it amazing to see how we have all grown up. I am hoping that we can rekindle some of the friendship we had all those years ago.
Don't worry Theresa you did not make me feel bad at all. I will bet there are some girls from my life that get a little ill thinking of me. I am the type to rip people to shreds if they mess with me or my friends. I am not proud but I have made many a big ego girl cry cause she got a bit big in the mouth. I am still that way I am an excellent verbal sword thrower...some would just say I am a bitch...oh well it is what it is. Happy Birthday I hope you found time to sneak out and pamper yourself. Hugs from SD to Estonia!!! Happy 30th!!
OMG I just hit post and Blogger gave me an error message Thank God for autosave!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

People are strange

Good morning. I am up early after a night of not sleeping so well. Yesterday I attempted to contact an old friend through one of their old friends. I figured that after 16 years of not knowing where my old classmates were it would be nice to catch up and see how their lives are. Well little did I know that an animosity from back when I was a freshman would still burn steady for this person.

I was very nervous to contact this person as I knew that I rated in the bottom of the food chain with them back when I was 15. I figured live and let live I am 31 years old now and honestly could not tell you why this person did not like except that they were jealous. Jealous of the time I spent with their friend. They may have been a little angry that I caused some heartache for the person I was looking for but my God, I was 15 and my parents chose to move back to SD not me. I had to go and when you are 15 getting a job and living alone are not exactly realistic goals. What happened was my parents decided to move to SD to start their own publishing business and I had to leave all my friends including my 1st love, his amazing sister and the friends I had made. It was devastating. I was a mess for weeks and it was hard. We kept in touch as much as possible until life and distance got in the way. That distance is a bitch when you do not drive let alone own a car.

Well yesterday I sent them a friend request on MySpace. I checked a few hours later and it was gone. Hmmm I am so new to using that service I resent it thinking I was technically challenged as usual. Right before I clicked send I stopped and thought damn what if that person denied it and that is why it is gone. So I Googled how to deny a friend and if there is a notice sent....I know I am lame like that. I did resend with a follow up note letting them know that I was not looking to be their BFF!!! Last night I checked again and sure enough email read and request denied.

I was a little shocked and a bit annoyed but not super surprised. I did not sleep well last night, I sat and tried to remember everything about this person and every single conversation to see where me, the queen of democracy and tact went wrong. I am an easy going person, I like people and usually people like me. I have friends from all over the world and have the same best girl friends from 16-17 years ago. I am wondering what kind of fatal character flaw I had at 15 to make someone not like me 17 years later.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Piss Police

“Hold your wiener when you’re peeing” is the latest mantra at my house. The boy has been peeing on the floor, in the trash, on the wall and in the tub. I am Master Piss Cleaner Upper these days. It is so damn annoying to be sound asleep and then suddenly you awaken to the sound of urine alternately hitting water…then splashing on solid surface… then water again. I am not sure how else to deal with this except for yelling “Hold it and aim” I am sick of toilet duty 10-15 times a day.

My favorite is when he does not put the seat up and in the middle of the night I wander in only to end up with a wet ass and bad attitude.

What is the deal? He has been awesome about bathroom etiquette forever and now all of a sudden he is a desecrater and I am the Piss Police. I just do not get it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Chilly Sat!!!!

I am off to run errands!! Have a great day. If you get a chance stop by an give my girl Bluebella a shout out today is her birthday!!

Until later here is some music

Violent Femmes-Kiss Off

Drowning Pool-Let the bodies hit the floor
Going to see the guys in November!!! So excited!!!

Smashing Pumpkins-The world is a vampire

Korn-Falling Away From Me
Bad ASS song-I missed this concert 2 years ago still pissed!!

Korn-Ya'll Want a Single?
The one video you will not ever see on TV

Rage Against The Machine-Freedom

Rammstein-Feuer Frei

Have an awesome day!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am just in a funk right now. I am feeling a bit on the down side and if you know me I do not go there often at all. So today it is just music.

Linkin Park-In the end

This was on Fabric of Life a Blog I love.

Linkin Park-One Step Closer

REM-Everybody Hurts

Theory Of a Deadman-Bad Girlfriend

Papa Roach-Forever

Free Credit Report Songs-LOVE this guy he is adorable!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Coming soon....A real post with real pictures in the mean time miss me....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Well now.....

If you drove by a church with your children and saw this what would you say to your kids?
I found this on MySpace and soda shot outta my nose as I was super offended.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Come and see my new fun blog featuring holiday ideas and receipes.
This website is for anyone who wants to have a fabulous holiday season and learn some new low cost tricks!! I love the holidays but always spend to much or end up feeling overwhelmed by all of the hoopla. Good lord most of my long time readers can remember last years holidays with me.
Come on over have a cup of cider and let's get ready for the holidays together.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A damn good song.....