Monday, October 20, 2008

Piss Police

“Hold your wiener when you’re peeing” is the latest mantra at my house. The boy has been peeing on the floor, in the trash, on the wall and in the tub. I am Master Piss Cleaner Upper these days. It is so damn annoying to be sound asleep and then suddenly you awaken to the sound of urine alternately hitting water…then splashing on solid surface… then water again. I am not sure how else to deal with this except for yelling “Hold it and aim” I am sick of toilet duty 10-15 times a day.

My favorite is when he does not put the seat up and in the middle of the night I wander in only to end up with a wet ass and bad attitude.

What is the deal? He has been awesome about bathroom etiquette forever and now all of a sudden he is a desecrater and I am the Piss Police. I just do not get it.


Tammy said...

My son is almost 4 and he refuses to stand up to pee. He has to sit or he wont go.

Tash said...

I remember those days. This too shall pass :)