Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh Vey!!

I was really a good blogger today. I took lots of pictures to post, that documented the day I had. Right on down to the start of the day. Lets just say this, running 10 mins late-freezing cold-raining-grumpy kids and drum roll......a flat tire. What a lovely surprise this am. I think I have tire gremlins because some days I go out and the tire is flat, Brent has taken the tire off and did the tire diagnostic (fill and water bath) to check for leaks. No leak so really WTF...gremlins I tell ya. You get no pictures though because the gremlins stole my camera cord when they flattened my tire.

I did however get to spend half a day home with my hubby because he got rained out at work. It was great and fun until 4pm when I needed a 20 min power nap. I snuggled down in bed thinking that I was in heaven and started to drift off into dreamland then......he shoved me....and asked me to cook some dinner. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??!!?? He continued this every 5-7min for about an hour intermittently inquiring about what I was making with the chicken I had thawing. I believe I gave him 10 different answers because each time I told him he said "Nah not that".

His choices were chicken parm, stir fry, chicken & dumplings, potpie, cordon blue, rice stuffed, baked, BBQ or fried. He wanted none of them. I finally flew out of bed in a temper leaving in my trail a string of trash talk that would have made a sailor blush. I was pissed I needed that damn nap. Instead I was up making 2 step fried chicken in olive oil with paprika, garlic & ground pepper. For side dishes I made garlic mashed potatoes & stuffing. I feed the kids and Brent comes out and has the nerve to ask where the bread was. Hello I did not make bread today he was pouting because he had to use store sliced bread. I will be making bread in the morning now obviously. I am going to make some Harvest Bread also I am in the mood. It has been raining steadily here for the past 18hours.

*Update on the whole previous post. The friend of a friend I contacted was male and never did contact me back. OH well. I did however do some more looking and found another one of my good friends from that time in my life and I am happy to say he did email me back today. That was really cool he is married with 3 kids. His family is opposite mine 2 boys 1 girl. I think it amazing to see how we have all grown up. I am hoping that we can rekindle some of the friendship we had all those years ago.
Don't worry Theresa you did not make me feel bad at all. I will bet there are some girls from my life that get a little ill thinking of me. I am the type to rip people to shreds if they mess with me or my friends. I am not proud but I have made many a big ego girl cry cause she got a bit big in the mouth. I am still that way I am an excellent verbal sword thrower...some would just say I am a bitch...oh well it is what it is. Happy Birthday I hope you found time to sneak out and pamper yourself. Hugs from SD to Estonia!!! Happy 30th!!
OMG I just hit post and Blogger gave me an error message Thank God for autosave!!

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Theresa said...

So your hubby is A LUCKY GUY!! Can I come over to your house for dinner? And fresh bread too??? Wow. Am in awe.

Glad you got in touch with your friend, and thanks for the birthday wishes *big grin*