Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Fun Day!!!

This weekend was amazing. Perfect baking weather cool crisp and a perfect 2 days to fill the house up with yummy smells. Yesterday I made new biga in hopes to have some flavorful enough for sourdough by Thanksgiving. Last night I tried out the first round of bread with the fresh batch and it made a heavy crusty wheat with a good nutty flavor. I was impressed with the texture. I did leave Ms. Maddy in charge of the kneading while I had a beer in the garage and she did a very good job. I made some sandwiches for the kids with it and they liked it. Brent well since it was a healthy food he will not touch it.
I did make a 7lb pork loin and did my Georgia pulled pork. There is pretty much nothing left. The kids and guys devored it. Makes me feel good when I cook and there is not even a crumb left. Then I know it was goooooooooooood!
I am done now for the night with baking I swear the oven sighed in relief when I turned it off.
We have unexpected company tonight Brent's cousin Jeremy is here from Denver and is going to stay with us. He is back until wens the guys are going to try and go riding Tuesday for the last time before the snow flies. Currently they and another friend are sitting in the garage bonding as males do. I am not allowed out there. That is fine by me, like I want to hang out with 3 grown men that act like they are thanks.
Other than the baking I did get to read a ok book this weekend. I read Dean Koontz's The Darkest Evening of the Year. It was ok not one of his best. I have also been looking at tat designs I have the itch bad. Something has to be done prior to my birthday I have a good idea of what I want just working out placement. It will be in black I think I am good with color but like the black. My wrist is healed and surprisingly I have had alot of remarks from people on it. Who thought putting believe there would be so noticeable. It is. My Dr at my appointment Friday thought it was very appropriate.
Believing in yourself is half the battle the rest is up to God.

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