Sunday, July 15, 2007

What a weekend!!

This was the final friday night for Jenny AKA Jessica to go out before her children come home. The boys have been in CA visiting for the last month. What a concept getting the kids to leave you alone for a month during the summer...sometimes I envy the divorced parent then I look at my husband and say nah it's better with the 2 of us. I do still wish for a months peace. Jenny and I decided to head out of state to my moms bar to work and drink. It was not to bad a time we got a bit tipsy and were both a bit ill on sat. I think old age is catching up with us 30 is a rough age. Now we are going to resume our friday night ritual of getting all the kids together and the adults hanging out. A sleepover for big kids basically and some of those fridays we may go out but who knows. This friday we will be unpacking my house, it is supposed to be complete by friday and that includes power...we have one light that works in the bathroom, thats it. I am ready for it all to be done. I am ready to be able to send the kids upstairs and to cook in a REAL kitchen. I have cooked all our meals with a toaster oven, grill and an electric skillet for the past 2 months, I want to bake something. I did manage to bake cookies in the toaster oven that were not to bad. I do look forward to eating off of glass not paper and having a GLASS of water instead of the plastic cups. I have posted this before..I will NEVER camp again after this.

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