Thursday, July 19, 2007

It just keeps getting better

Today has been a pretty good day. I received most of the items from the cleaners today. I now have clothes and shoes!!!! I have been wearing Nike flip flops and a pair of Walmart sandels for the past 2 months sad sad times for my feet. I went through and counted and gave a little love to my 38 pairs of GOOD shoes no we are not talking Prada more like Dr. Martens, UGG, Born, Coach and some seriously sexy heels. I am a shoe fanatic well lets say shoes and purses. When we had the fire and I found out it destroyed the back portion of our closet I was devastated. The very first time I cried about the entire fire was when I pulled my White Chloe Paddington out of the closet and she was charred and sooty. I bawled right there in front of the adjuster...he thinks I am a bit crazy but shit that purse cost me almost 2 grand of course I am gonna cry. I also lost my UGG vest, UGG short boots, UGG Biggies (Tall Boots), silver Docs, 3 Coachs and a couple other purses. I thank my greedy self for taking my Birkin, Python Mulberry, Chanel and Fendi Spy to the consignment shop or they would have been lost also. We have a male adjuster he would of had a hard time accepting a 10,000 claim for purses he just does not get it. Not to knock this state but there are not alot of men who even know what a Birkin costs let alone would ever spend that kind of money on a Ladies Bag:) That does include my husband he thinks the Birkin cost roughly 3000.00 I have hid the receipt for 2 years and finally just paid the entire Visa bill for it. What he does not know won't hurt him. I am considering going to the consignment shop and taking all my bags home with me. I have felt so guilty taking them there that I have stopped going in there because when I see them I remember all the good times with them.........hmmmm.....maybe the Birkin and my Mulberry will have to come to Branson with me. They need a vacation and so do I.


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