Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hello there is not to much new going on here. I have been pretty much a lazy bum this week, I slept pretty much all day yesterday got up around 4 again. I can say the pain in my back and hip is starting to go away. It seems to get worse right before my period and stays pretty bad for about a week after. I am in the week after and this morning I woke up and could move without tears rolling down my face. I am happily propped up in bed with a cuppa coffee and my laptop ready for the day. I do have a job interveiw today so I am excited about that. Momma needs some new shoes so time to make a little moola.

Tommorow is Ms. Maddy's 8th birthday she is pumped about it. I cannot believe that the colicky screaming baby is going to be 8, weird stuff how they grow so fast. With the kids getting older I have been questioning my choice of being sterilized 4 years ago. I am kinda sad that I am not having anymore babies and now with a hysterectomy planned for Jan 3 I know those days are over. I have however discussed plan B with my friends if the day comes and I do want another child I will either adopt or ideally Traci will have my baby using my frozen eggs. I think either is a good option but who knows if that day will ever come it is good to have options to look at if it does.

The discussion with Traci was funny.....

Me-Will you have a baby for me in like 2-3 years?

Her- Are you serious? Who is gonna be the daddy do I get to have sex with them?

Me-LOL no you do not get to have sex with them I want you to have my baby not yours.

Her-Umm how will that work?

Me-Duh IVF with my are a bit to Italian for me no one would believe the kid was mine otherwise.

Her-Well if the guy is Brad Pitt I would sure take one for the team and give you the baby.

Me-I seriously have some fucking weird friends...don't worry we will knock you out and then knock you up.

Have a great day!!!!

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