Friday, December 7, 2007

caution nudity ahead!!

Happy Friday everyone!! Today is the day of the party we are celebrating all the December birthdays in my family tonight. There are 5 of us with b-days this month. The most important one outside of my daughters is my Nana Bear’s she is going to be 69. Woo Hoo as I told her not only a great age but also a great position. LOL and for real I did tell her that. She has long dismissed the though of anyone ever controlling what comes out of my mouth.

Tonight we will eat drink and be merry. I am excited cause all my rowdy friends are coming down to my hometown for the 1st time ever together. Do not get me wrong Jenny and I spent many a weekend in Worthington this summer but it has never been Jen, Traci, Tiff, Jamie & Michelle all at the same time. Look the hell out something wicked is invading MN tonight. I shall arm myself with thy camera for lots of dirt oops I mean pictures.

If you know us you know who we all resemble

Come back on Sat to see the pictures…I told Jen it was casual and she bitched me out about my definition of casual. (I tell people casual on the holidays and wear my PJ’s ALL DAY) there will be no pajamas but yes I may wear a t-shirt….no Jenny I will not buy a sweater for the night. Next thing she will try having me wear a appliqu├ęd Christmas sweatshirt. I am NOT old I can wear a t-shirt if I want to. I have 2 that come to mind hmmm….Vaginas are Super Cool…..or….Take me to Pleasure Town. Maybe if I beg she will wear the Meet the Twins one I bought her…..she is kinda chesty so it was a perfect choice….

If anyone is looking for a last minute gift for me I will take one of these....

I know I should cover up the weiner but hell it is Beck's you know you want to see it to...

I was gonna put a bow on the package but thought it would be better out in the open mmmm...looks good.

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