Saturday, December 15, 2007

There is a really good possibility that if another child with out my DNA walks into my house for anything I may lose my mind. I am so over kids today it is not funny. I have mentioned a few times that pretty much every one of our children’s friends parents are the type you need to keep an eye on or you will be taken advantage of. Perfect example…Friday morning at 7 am one of the girls friends gets dropped off and while her dad is in the driveway she comes in and asks if she can sleep over cause her dad is going out of town for the night…I say fine thinking her dad will call me or something. He never did but while we are running errands that evening she says to my girls her dad is in Gillette. I was like as in Gillette, Wyoming? She says yes.

I am instantly furious for a few reasons:

His cell phone is disconnected and he has never given me an alternative contact number or emergency number.

Who leaves their kid and goes 500 miles away with out telling the person your child is with where you are going.

What would I do if she got hurt and had to go to a hospital I cannot consent for her treatment and I have no one to call.

I am just stunned by this just stunned….I am the parent that takes my kids pretty much everywhere and would NEVER leave them like that.

The icing on the cake was that the 3 girls fought to the point that I would have sent her home if her dad was there, instead I listened to a bunch of bitching and whining and had a house that took me 6 hours to make presentable.

Stick a fork in me I am done….no more Mrs. Nice Girl. I am not a daycare center and I will not be treated like one.

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