Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WOW this is offensive but so refreshing

Well I guess my inner bitch and I are going to have to stop fighting each other because this trying to be nice shit is for the birds. I made a friend in June that I have warned repeatedly that I have to bite my lip with them in order to keep the peace. This person is a bit like me little stubborn, smart ass and cocky son of a B. The one HUGE difference is they are a not so good at being on the receiving end of it.

I should get a cookie for how much I have censored my mouth when speaking or hanging out with this person. Seriously to point of constipating my mouth. This has been really hard for me….come on bitches chime in you know how hard it is for me to be politically correct. I tend to say it like it is no holds barred.

I think I offended this person by being rude to them Sunday night. Do I feel a little bad? Just a bit, here is the thing though while censoring my words I have also censored my responses to their words. In an effort to be true to myself I have to quit this shit and be real.

The More I Drink

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Ima Boner said...

Men are jackasses you should know that by now. Just tell said person next time they call to get over it or cry about it. Wasting to much time deciphering bullshit.