Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I have more pictures from my birthday party these are more towards the end of the night. Don't expect to much we were wasted the very first thing Jenny & Tiff asked for when we woke up was Ibuprofen...light weights:)

Tiff & Jennifer
OMG I not even know how to explain these pictures.
Tiff and Jen taken by me after Jenny dropped the camera on her face and swore I did it..Tiff and I laughed our asses off because she was holding it and dropped it herself.
The picture of Jenny and I who knows she was trying to attack me she is silly:)
Hanging out in our room having a beer and a smoke.
MN sucks they have no smoking in bars anymore...lame
Wasted but damn my boobs look HUGE!
Well Tiff and I having fun looking a bit toasty
Traci & Jenny after desecrating the cake see Traci's green tongue and the missing corners of frosting.....Damn cake eater could not wait;)
Yummy drinky Traci

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