Sunday, December 30, 2007

Omens do you believe in them? I do so what should I think of this one?

Yes that is the tree beside our house and Yes it is full of crows. So does this mean I am going to kick the bucket soon?

I know I am weird like that but you never know what the universe is trying to tell you.

I have spent this weekend having some interesting discussions with the hubby while he was a wee bit tipsyfriday night he revealed some information that was not brought up regarding this matter during previous discussions and let me tell you I was not happy. He on the other hand did not understand why I was irritated well.....

I believe if you are going to lie you had better cover your ass very well exspecially if you are going to lie to me. For fucks sake I spot one a mile away and I knew in the beginning I did not get the entire truth from him. So instead of him doing the right thing and telling me the truth while I had busted him he continued to weave a story that would make Harry Potter proud.
To make the story real short he has brought numbers home for years the normal chain of events is I throw them away, chew his ass and warn him of the numerous ways I would casterate him if he ever dared try anything
This summer was not one to remember and we were very close to getting divorced and we both knew it...I guess he thought it was time to try his pimp skills out and he asked a girl out for a drink and got her number. He lied to me about it for months and finally told me the truth after much fishing on my part.
I am actually kind of astounded I thought if I ever left we would end up like the
Brad Paisley song Whiskey Lulluby
Interesting turn of events and he is still wondering what I am going to do for revenge on him.
I did tell him I should have bought him a little black book for Christmas and made ALOT of snarky comments during the day.
I guess we will have to wait and see cause for real telling your wife you took the number because you are a NICE guy does not really fly with me....and for real Brent I would never call you a nice guy ever you can be the biggest dick bag in the world and the only moves you know how to put on a girl are the ones I taught you QUIT trying to be a PIMP
or I will have to set you straight.

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