Thursday, December 20, 2007

Things to bitch about today.

My coffee maker hates me
I am tired
I am only 1/3 of the way done Christmas shopping
I need a shower….bad…real….bad
I have to go to ToysRus today
I am super bitch with a hair trigger right now

I am sick of the holiday hoopla, sick of shopping, sick of people, sick of cleaning & sick of pretty much everything.
Today I have planned to shower and then head into finish shopping after yesterday I do not know if I should be allowed in public.

Standing in line to pay at Shopko last night I was 3 persons from the cashier when my son come out of the bathroom, my daughter pulled the hood on his jacket and he yelled “LOUD”. The cashier looks at the customer she is helping shakes her nappy head and says out loud….

“Some peoples rotten kids” and proceeds to give my son the evil eye.

Before I could even think about what I was saying out comes from the depths of hell within me.

“Hey that is my fucking kid and I deal with that shit daily, who are you to say anything? Shut your yap and start working cause the sooner I get out of here the sooner my ROTTEN child will be gone” LOUDLY like screamed at her.

OH MY FUCKING GOD……Absolute stunned silence from the other 12-15 people in line. The checkers face goes beat red. I however am not the least bit embarrassed…that may be not such a good thing…I have no shame.

When I get up there she is trying to smooth it over by being nice and chatty with me. Are you fucking kidding me? She has the nerve to try and chalk it up to anticipation of presents that is why he yelled. I say to her.

“You do not have to lie now and try and be nice I know he was loud but you still have no right to EVER say anything like that, now shut your yap and check my shit so I can leave”

Did I mention she was like 60-65? Yeah I will be called in for elder abuse…but hell she had no right to say that.

Have a great day:)


Slick said... mouth, insert foot.

Sounds like she needed to be told off. You go girl. :)

Slick said...

And go wash that ass.

Melissa said...

Do not encourage me I still have to go to ToyRus and who knows someone else may need a burst of my sunshine straight in the ass. I am even taking my rotten child and returning to the scene of the crime because fucking A I need to exchange the shoes I bought for the kid last night. I still need the shower but I put Comet in the tub at 7am in hopes to motivate myself to clean and well it is 2 someting and the tub is still sporting the lovely chalky green Comet coating..Yawn is it time for a nap yet?

sterlingirl said...

BusyDad said...

Awesome. Way to stand up for parents everywhere. If kids had a mute button we'd use it. Turns out they don't, so shit happens.