Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I should have won an award for how bitchy I was yesterday to EVERYONE. I am in A LOT of pain and am having a hard time getting through it w/o pain meds. I refuse to take anything when it is just me and little man during the day…so this results in me being very short with people to the point of being rude. If you had to be subjected to me yesterday I am sorry. I think today is heading that way also this is your forewarning.

I did lay around all morning until lunch and then little man fell asleep at 1 so I went back to bed until 4:30 I felt a little better when I got up. Brent came home and I cooked dinner after taking 2 Darvocet and a 800mg Motrin. Took a hot bath & finally finished my book. I have been reading Whirlwind by Joseph R. Garber a good murder/death/kill CIA novel. I did finish the new Post Secret book sat night it was awesome. I am addicted to them I did catch Brent reading one tonight so my enthusiasm is catching.

I like everyone else am busy getting ready for Christmas it seems like my house suddenly vomited out a ton of decorations. There is stuff everywhere, my tree is up and looks beautiful. I am a big fan of the tree it is 7 ½ feet tall and 4 ½ feet in girth..hee…hee…I said girth. It looks so nice with its 800 clear lights, I will need to post a picture of it. I need to do some more shopping gonna look at some dirt biking stuff for the husband and more then likely see if he would like to just go to Vegas for our gift to each other either that or get a cabin in the hills for a weekend. We need some ALONE time to either reconnect or call it good and separate. I am sick of the arguments and I miss being the cherished loved wife. It is nice having someone that thinks you hung the moon…we need to get that back. Family is so important to me I cannot imagine where I would be without it.


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