Thursday, December 13, 2007

Salvation Army Donations

We have all seen the jolly bellringers that come out in masses during the holiday season.
I have been hearing alot on the news regarding the Salvation Army being very short on toys for needy children and families.
I want to ask everyone to either throw some bills (no change cheapies) in the kettle, donate online to a kettle in your area go here or for those of you with kids talk to your kids about less fortunate kids who may not get any gifts this year then let your kids pick out a gift and donate it.
There is such a good feeling to give something back when alot of us have so much.
I know we all complain that Christmas in so commercial these days but there is something to be said about the Salvation Army they do not care about commercialism they are a Christian organization that HELPS people in need.
Please if you can spare 10.00 go out and buy a gift for a child most malls have Angel Trees and I know ToysRus is keeping there donation box open for another week.
Give yourself the gift of helping someone less fortunate it is the best way to keep the real spirit of Christmas alive.

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