Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 is outta here!!!

I guess I should write an ode to 2007 to finish up my blogging year. Well here is how my year was…..

Jan-Normal New Year stuff broken resolutions, weight gain, post holiday stress & lots of bill paying

Feb-Sucky month had surgery that went astray found myself with a pee bag strapped to my leg

March-Birthdays galore Mary, Tiffany, Dad 1, Dad 2, Brent & Traci

April-Not much happened that I can remember

May-Ahhh the beginning of summer vacation and the month our house decided to go ablaze. 2 weeks we lived in a swanky hotel only to be reminded our home was a burned out shell.

June-Camped in a 30ft camper in our backyard, kids spent a lot of time with Grandma in MN to allow the contractors some peace.

July-Still camping in the yard bonfires, BBQ and beer seems to be the pattern here. Spent a few weekends with my mom, 4th of July on the lake boating & grilling in the park, Griffith family reunion in the Worthington park I swear I spent more time in MN this summer than ever before. Our house was finished with the major repairs July 17th so back inside we moved with A/C and hot water oh what heaven.

August-We spent unpacking and repurchasing items we were lacking. On vacation the kids and I went 11 days we were gone.We drove the country side going through SD, MN, IA, IL & MO. Old cemeteries, war memorials, tombs, State fairs, concerts & shopping we did find memories that were made will last a lifetime. On the 18 Lillian’s birthday we celebrated with the kids first concert Sugarland is who we seen, man that Jennifer Nettles sure can sing the Il State Fair is where we were at.

September-I spent sick as a dog, pneumonia I did catch and in bed is where I slept for days on end. Took 3 antibiotics to beat but by months end I was feeling a bit more alive.

October-Birthdays again Lukus, Jenny & Momma 2, cake and ice cream we did have. This month was also a big surprise when Momma 2 left Dad 2 after 40 years, this family has shed a few tears but we want what is best for them happiness we hope they both find.

November-Thanksgiving was a catalyst on our relationship sink or swim has been the question. Swim we have decided together again put all the drama behind and be a family again.

December-My favorite month of the year birthdays galore, Madison, Nicole, Grandma, Jason, Gabriel & I. A year older and wiser I am now. Christmas was low key we spent it at home with our family. Diamonds I did get a beautiful Journey necklace, ( Oh I am so present whoring now), now I sit and wait for what life will bring in 2008.

Whew done that rhyming shit is for the birds but you get the main idea 2008 has a really good chance of being a good year compared to 2007. I am ready to file this one and forget it.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
I wish you all the best in 2008, Be Safe and Have a FUN night!!

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