Monday, December 3, 2007

Yesterday was the birthday but this friday is the PARTY...woo hoo...gonna be fun. I am excited to hang out with my family and friends. I was looking for pictures of me and my girls and was a bit surprised that the last picture we took of all us girls was my wedding...I will remedy that this friday. Here is one of me and my 4 best bitches.

On my right is my cousin Becky (have not talked to her since that night), Tiffany (my oldest friend), Sexy me, Traci, Jenny & my baby sis Jamie.
As for people who are coming to Worthington with us it is me, Traci, Jen, Tiff, Jamie, Fisher, Jasmine, Tory, Jason, Derek, Emily, Jackie and who the hell knows who else. I am pretty pumped but now I have to say a prayer that I am feeling good because this weekend was rough.
Since I dug out the pictures I am going to add some more.
This is my formal bridal picture
Traci & Bill if you would ask Brent and I which of each others friends we don't like these are the two. I am no fan of Bills and Brent does not love Traci. I on the other hand love Ms. Traci we have had a fucking rocking friendship 14 years and counting.
If you think about it I have lots of long term friends, I do not know many people that are still BFF with their 6th grade BF, I am Tiffany and I have been friends for 17 years, Jenny and I have been friends for 15 years....I am a long term kinda person. Love my friends they are amazing women.
Well thats it for today I promise the posts will get better this week, I have just been so tired I have not been keeping up with the updates and I am not feeling like being interesting.


Phil McKracken said...

I can't believe you put that Drunk Ass picture of me on here! LMAO sthuper fun night!

ben dover jr said...

You are just lucky all my other pictures are in storage for you know that I have way worse ones. I have pictures from hanging with Fuzz, Opie and Tony....including some delish pictures of Fuzz half dressed I should make copies and send them to Angie ;) LOL I just did the naughty evil laugh because he used to be so HOT what a shame that marriage made him an old frump!