Friday, October 5, 2007

I suck I know

Ok I know I am lazy and not keeping up with my page but hell I have a good excuse my laptop was murdered by my husband so I had to buy a new one. I have been debating for a week about what kind I wanted I looked at a few and finally decided on this

It is awesome the 17 inch screen is pretty damn nice. I am LOVING it. I am very pissed about losing all my programs, pictures and music on my other computer. I am hoping there will be no trouble getting all of it off the hard drive. I will be taking both of the laptops in tommorrow to see about having the Geek Squad just transfer all the stuff on to my new one. I also will need to have a backup hard drive installed to store all my work and school data. I hate getting new laptops because it seems like whenever I get acclimated to the one I have I either burn it out or like this time it has a sudden accident and becomes useless. I have told my other half if this one meets a untimely death before the warrenty is up that we will go rounds. Consider yourself forewarned. Ok enough for tonight I am tired need sleep.

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