Thursday, October 25, 2007

The sky is falling!!!

Ok I had to edit a little here but today in SD there was an interesting sight in the sky that was first thought to be a old satalitte falling from outer space but now speculation is that it was a rocket fired from China yesterday….no I am not bullshitting look the story is here.

You know you are seriously in need of a pedicure when your toes nails start to resemble ancient swords. I am not kidding I took my socks off today and was amazed I had to look twice cause my first thought was “Wow that chicks feet look like shit” then I remebered they were mine. Well hell at least it is fall nobody will see them. I can stop shaving and all that other summer crap.

I do have some news my surgery has been rescheduled until Jan 3, because of me having pneumonia for over a month. The risk of me getting it again post op are very high and as we all know coughing with abdominal stitches is not exactly fun. So this means GAME ON for snowboarding if there is snow here if no SD snow I am going to my home state of MN to find some snow. From my lips to Gods ears please let SD have the snowiest Dec in history please!!! I have 4 wheel drive I can make it Great Bear no matter what so come on lets have some snow.

The only downside is I have to do another round of meds including a cycle of Prednisone which I HATE. The damn steroids make me eat the house and I have gained 70lbs in a year from being on them. It is scary to think that now after I have lost 50lbs since June that I may end up looking like the Good Year Blimp again. I know that is vain but I have had to buy new clothes for each size and that gets a bit spendy, but when this is all over I am having a garage sale. I have jeans that range from an 8 all the way to 16 and shirts from size M to XXL. My closet looks like a thrift store.

Well that’s all for me tonight I am going to try and get caught up on some much needed rest. I am planning on watching Disturbia and eating some Chinese food. Have a good night everyoneJ

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