Saturday, October 13, 2007

Birthday Boy and Game Night

4 years ago yesterday a child was born, hope sprang eternal and God bestowed on me a precious baby boy. After 52 hours of labor with no pain meds and a emergency c-section he was lucky I kept him.

All 7lb 14oz of him. He was HUGE looked like a 3 month old complete with cute little rolls of fat. I guess that is what you end up with when you have a baby that refuses to come out, Lukus arrived 4 days late and even then had to be surgically removed because I do not have the wide child bearing hips some women do. The poor kid had a cone head because he got stuck, yes stuck right at the top of his ears in my pelvis. The Dr. who delivered him cracked my pelvis trying to maneuver him out. The kid is lucky I still like him.

For his birthday I let him pick where he wanted to eat lunch. I prayed he would say Red Lobster it is one of his favorites, what can I say he loves the mac n cheese. But no he said the place that is outlawed in my house, the one place I swear is as close you can get to hell with out dying. Pizza place with mouse I will not advertise for them so no names. I took him and his buddy Zane there for pizza and games, we were there for exactly 57 minutes and that included 25 games, pizza, pictures and buying prizes. I am good I know!! We then came home and picked up the girls and one friend. I took all 5 children to the Simpsons Movie, it was funny. Before we even left the parking lot birthday boy was out like a light. He did not even get to open his presents he would not get up for nobody. I brought him in and tossed him on the couch and went next door to Suzy Q's for game night.
We do this once a month she makes up her deadly Bacardi punch and we play games. The kids run in bet tween both houses and the guys hide out in one of the garages. Here are some pictures from game night.

I look like a FAT ASS not sitting at the end of the table for pictures again. I may also rethink the layering of clothing. May add warmth but also adds BULK!

See my trusty Illinois hoodie and new glasses I am looking hot.
I hate pictures of myself they always suck.

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