Thursday, October 11, 2007

Random Shit & Eggrolls

Tommorow is little mans 4th birthday he will officially be no longer a baby. I was looking at him this morning and laughed because he is so funny, this kid has my twisted sense of humor and my love for making people laugh. So wise at almost 4 it is scary. Yesterday morning I was making him breakfast and he told me "Mommy you are not my best friend anymore, dad is he has guns and tools." I was stunned, hell I just got knocked off my pedastal for guns and tools. I then asked Luke "Well if I am not your best friend then who am I?" Luke looked at me for a minute then replied "Your an eggroll" Ok thanks now I am a eggroll I guess whatever we will see who is the eggroll.
I am proud to report that Luke has went to 3 religion classes and has not been booted out yet. Last night they had a birthday party for him. He was pumped they gave him cupcakes layered with M&Ms, a hat and some stickers. The highlight of the entire party was when he was given a balloon for their art project, he stuck it in his pocket to bring home. The was no way in hell he was letting them glue the balloon to anything he wanted it for water balloons at home. Sue and I found out that a 1.50 bag of balloons a bike pump and access to water will keep Luke and Zane busy for hours. Cheap entertainment every mothers dream.

I have been getting phone calls from Jamie about every day asking me to find her. She keeps getting lost in Minneaoplis. It is funny she has no sense of direction at all the girl would have trouble getting out of a paper bag. Sorry J i love you but you suck at maps. Since she has lived there we have googled her a grocery store, blockbuster, Pizza Luce and shopping centers. I am still laughing from her call yesterday, she was looking for the Mall of America in Bloomington and called and said "I am lost I think I am in Edina or Richfeild and I cannot find the Mall" I laughed my ass off and said "It would help if you were in the general area of the MOA but you are on the other side of Minneapolis" Jamie asked "So what does that mean" Um, hello you are going in the complete opposite direction. I laugh because we lived in Eagan and she should know where the MOA is we pretty much lived there during the time we lived up there. For fun I am going to mail her a map made by me so she can find all the important stuff. I added a picture of her with her Jager girls and 2 of her and Keith.

On the home front Brent came home last night crabby as ever, I swear in his former life he was a 80 year old woman. All he does in pick and complain. I might as well hire him a Geriatric Nurse and buy some Metimucal. Oh well marital pergutory is not what I signed up for time to start slipping him some Prozac. Thank goodness he has a sense of humor or I would have to kill him. I made up some fall centerpeices for our dining room table and friday night the crook neck squash went missing. Look closely at the picture can you find it? Do you love his shirt? Maddy calls it the chicken lollipop shirt. I say it represents Brent to a T that is why I bought it for him.

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Love the shirt, where did you find it?