Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Later

I will post something today I promise. It has been a lame day my hips and legs are really bothering me today. It hurts to sit and I cannot lay down cause my hips hurt. It is more like an ache I just cannot get comfy I am going to try something a little stronger than Ibuprofen when Brent gets home from work. I refuse to take anything when it is just me here with the little man he is to fast for me to be drugged up.

I will post later tonight after the kids are in bed, they have RES tonight so it will be a little later bedtime we do not get done until 8:15.


As I had mentioned yesterday prayers and good energy is needed for my little friend Alexia her link is on my side bar or on the top of the previous post. This little one is a FIGHTER with a capital F. Her family has been through so much they need some prayers. I have followed Alexia's story for 2 years she was my Pathology 2 final project I got to know her mom Ursula a bit and she is an AMAZING women please send some good wishes and some strong prayers their way.

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