Thursday, October 18, 2007

I am awake, I swear

I keep getting a bunch of crap from people because I am not a morning person. Sure mon-fri I get up at the unholy hour of 6am and get my girls off to school. Lies I actually supervise from bed. Good Lord they are in 4th and 2nd grade they know how to get dressed and brush hair and teeth. I get up and make sure they match and are dressed appropriately smell their breath and all that mommy jazz. Here is the problem, a few weeks ago a girl the kids played with all summer moved 2 blocks from our house and now at 7:15am everyday she comes over to walk to school with the girls. School does not start until 8:30 so why are here parents sending her to my house so damn early? I am pretty much no good until at least 9am then the blood actually starts flowing to my brain. Here is the big funny from this am. The girls thought that it would be funny to get up before me and take pictures. Not funny to me but I woke up to Lillian falling on top of me laughing. They took about 20 pictures and I had no clue, I sleep with the MP3 player on at night when Brent is here. Solves 2 problems 1. I do not wake up a hundred times and 2. I do not have to listen to him in the morning. Here I am, yes that lump is me.

We have been pretty low key this week. I am staying home trying to keep from getting sick I noticed yesterday that I had a runny nose and a fever of 99.9 so I am hoping that it goes away soon. I still have another 2 weeks of antibiotics left they should be done the day before surgery. I have the next 2 months planned so tight that there is no room for setbacks. I have to be well enough to cook Thanksgiving for 20 and to be able to kick ass shopping on Black Friday. So once again if you are sick do not come and visit me.

Other than that nothing new to report. I am boring this week it is still raining here been almost a week straight but there is news about that the news said that there is a possibility of snow in the Black Hills this weekend. I am excited if there is enough we may load up the snowmobiles and boards and head up there for a day or 2. In SD you never know it could be 75 one day and the next you have a foot of snow or vise verse. We have not even stored the boat for the winter hell Brent and Bill put Bill's boat in the water on sat and played in the rain on the lake all day. ( I say played they say fished hell tomato tomahto) And here I am mentally unpacking the shop to get the snow toys out. Typical women.

Here are some pictures since I am lazy and want to go back to bed. Hell it is only 8:30....

Kittens need a home...please someone take them. Look how cute and festive they are perfect addition to any family.

Luke's last pair of toddler footie jammies he is huge and just about out of the size 5s.
Playing with the crane in the kitchen can you see I still have no flooring?
The girls playing on the computer in the dining room, see mom the painting came out great so did the one in the living room. You will have to check them out next time you are here.

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