Saturday, October 20, 2007

Making History

Family day with mom and the kids. I have a policy that the kids have to give up one sat a month to spend with me doing educational things. Today's activity was going to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. It was a very interesting mobile museum and very educational. There was a few items from that day on display. Now I have been to the Titanic museum and have seen the personal items recovered from the ship, it makes you think of the loss off life but there was a different kind of emotion seeing a cell phone, Id badges, twisted metal, steel beams crushed to nothing, fireman equipment and God the photos. I remember very clearly that day. I will never forget the terror and disbelief that an attack of that magnitude was actually executed on US soil. Never will I forget. My daughters know what happened that day they understand that a tragedy happened and because of that day America was changed forever. They understand the cost of war first hand, November 6, 2005 their Uncle Joel was killed in Iraq on his 4th tour of duty. They understand that because of that day our lives were forever changed. Today they saw firsthand what that day means to our nation.

The very first picture for this post is a picture of one of the beams that will be in the memorial in New York City at the sight of where the towers went down. We signed that beam, I cried because the feeling was overwhelming. As a parent introducing your children to the horrors of the world is heartbreaking.

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