Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Let's play catch up!!

OK I am set to give a long update so pack a lunch and a drink:) we may be here awhile.

Vacation was fun I took the kids and Ashley to Burlington, IA to Fun City which actually should be advertised as Chucky Cheese on CRACK just to be honest with the poor unsuspecting parents that book rooms here. This place does not have a lobby they have a arcade, bowling alley, go carts (indoor) and many other kids activities....oh yea they have a bar oh and now they have a casino so not a total loss....but no lobby. Just a little registration desk tucked in a corner of hell...oops I mean the arcade. The kids and Ashley had a blast there are 2 water parks one indoor and one outdoor with a slide that has a toilet bowl at the end you get flushed at the end of the trip...um yeah wow..the kids loved it. There is also a lazy river and a wave pool that were pretty fun. This hotel was not for the faint of heart or for those parents who do not like other peoples kids. Here is a link to their site if you are interested BTW the WIFI is a joke only available in front of the desk or you can get a 25 ft Ethernet cord for in room use the hook up is on the bathroom wall so you will need all 25 ft. http://book.bestwestern.com/bestwestern/productInfo.do?propertyCode=16069

After IA we went to IL and stayed at the Hawthorn Suites by Hyatt in Bloomington, IL now here is my kind of vacation nice rooms..yes we had 2 I had my own suite for 2 nights...enjoyed every minute of it. Awesome beds and very nice place and centrally located. My only complaint is that Starbucks and Panera were far away. We just hung out in Bloomington and went shopping in Aurora at the Designer Outlet Mall. Very nice place I spent a bundle on school clothes and snowboarding stuff. I will be going back there very soon, I wanted to get a new purse but was a bit rushed by the kids. I spent at least an hour in Coach but there were soooooo many people it was a biatch to keep Luke in check so I gave up and left. Damn I am still kicking my self.

Left on Sunday the 19th for Springfield, IL and took the kids to Lincoln's Tomb and the war memorials. Very cool memorials in the cemetery where Lincoln's Tomb is lots of old head stones and LOTS of history. We went to the IL State Fair that night and to the Sugarland & Joe Nichols concert for Ms. Lillian's birthday. She was hot stuff when she came back to school not only did she get to miss the first whole week of school but she went to a REAL concert. WOW the girls in her class are still talking about it. I may never win the Mother of the Year Award but I can guarantee I WILL be one of the coolest moms for a very long time:) I am so shallow I am pumped because the 4th grade kids think I am cool...it is sad times when this happens.

Monday the 20th we headed to Branson, MO stopped in St. Louise at the Arch and walked around. I did not go up in the Arch because heights and I do not mix well I like to have my feet on the ground if I can not safely jump down well it just is not happening. I did score in the Levee Mercantile they had peppermint salt water taffy I bought a pound and a half they did not last to Branson. In Branson we stayed at StillWaters resort. http://www.stillwatersresort.com/ Fun place nice and clean. Lots of activities for the kids here is a pre warning to all BRING YOUR OWN BEER they do not sell it and it was a bitch to find out that at 8pm and have to drive the freaky ass roads to find a place that does. Thank goodness my motto is "Have wine will travel" so I was covered that first night. We did the Titanic museum here and checked out Ripleys Believe It or Not museum. Mostly we just hung out and swam and kayaked alot. I love kayaking it is so exhilarating and I think it is a great way to think and blow off steam. Note to self just cause the it seems easy at first have a little restraint it sucks to be tired and out of breath to only realize you are a mile out and have to row back. Ha learned that lesson the hard way. It is really beautiful here I could have stayed forever. The kids loved it.

We than worked our way back home the way we came and did a bunch of Historic Rt 66 stuff my favorite place was Funk's Grove Maple Sirup (no that is not a typo loser) http://www.funksmaplesirup.com/ the syrup (see I know how to spell) is excellent and the owners are really nice. I bought syrup, postcards, tshirts and a Laura Ingalls Wilder book that Lil needed there. You can order the products online I suggest trying the maple candy it is excellent. We went back to Bloomington, IL for a few days to hang out I looked at a few colleges here and met some new people. I went to the Spa here and had my hair colored, got a facial & a hour massage then went for chocolate martinis with my esthetician Sarah she was fun and we did hit the bars there the last night I was there. I drove home 8 hours with a fierce hangover. I was not even able to shower before I left so I came home doing the walk of shame wearing the same shirt as the night before and looking hot. My husband was not really impressed Oh well I had fun. So that sums up my 11 day vacation...I know you all wanted to know. So this post releases me from telling the freaking story a hundred times cause ya'll got to read it here so stop calling.

Now for the recent stuff Brent has been gone for the past week and a half doing a big job in Aberdeen so it has been very quiet and peaceful and calm....oops sorry don't want anyone to think I do not miss him....I have been burning incense and not cleaning it actually has been AWESOME so hey Brent can you find a job where you only come home say 12 times a year bet we have the perfect marriage if you do. Just Kidding.

Friday night I took the kids to Falls Park for the lighting of the falls for breast cancer awareness they lite it pink. I like the kids to learn about helping other people so that as they grow and learn about differences in people they know to be caring and loving no matter what. We have done alot over the past 3 years including hosting and organising the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I enjoy this kind of work and the kids really get involved with the planning and orchestrating of the events. So here is my charity plug for the year if you have an out dated laptop or some money you need to burn go here. http://www.heroesforchildren.org/ This is my favorite charity and it is a personal one for me Jenny Scott one of the co-founders lost her baby girl Allie to Leukemia before Allie was 9 months old. I watched her struggle while Allie was sick and in the hospital and when Allie died I knew that no matter where I went in life career wise it was going to be doing something for pediatric cancer patients. If you need a charity this is the one. Hero's for Children DIRECTLY helps families with children that have cancer by paying bills, giving gas money, helping buy medication and so much more. Pay it forward if you can it will be the best feeling you will ever have.

OK what else....Halloween Party at our house the 27th, this will be the last bonfire this year so come early and stay late. This is a no kids party so FYI leave the little ankle bitters at home. It starts at 7, there will be food of course. Sue and I will be doing the cooking we are debating on what to serve so if you have any ideas call me or better yet bring your ass out and help cook that Friday night. Last party we had the weekend before I went on vacation I think we ended up with about 70 people I bet we do better this time. Tents are welcome bring your own lawn chair. Inside space is limited to people I like so don't be thinking you are sleeping in my house unless I say you can. Bill this means YOU!!! Oh and Jamie will not be here for the party she leaves for Vegas the next day from MN so she cannot come. I am bummed I miss her we still talk daily but it is not the same, I lost my lunch partner:(

Also on Nov 1 @ 5am I will be having surgery finally. I am not really excited but it needs to be done the Dr threatened that if I kept avoiding it I would eventually die from the C so I scheduled it to get it over with. I will be at Sanford Health for the surgery and staying there until they let me go. So if you love me and want to make me happy send me some flowers. LOL I am a sucker for Lilly's & Gerber Daisy's do not be sending me no stinking roses they are my least favorite ok mom!! This is my Dr. http://www.sanfordhealth.org/PhysicianFacilityLocator/LocatorDetail13315.cfm?pid=809&name=fiegen he is very good at his job and came highly recommended. I was thankful after the transvestite Dr I had at Avera only I would find out I have cancer from a transvestite. I am so weird and that is just my style.

OK I need some sleep. I will actually add some pictures to.


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