Wednesday, October 31, 2007

OH So Pretty!!!

Me likey Me Likey ALot...Makes me want to kiss the monitor......

Oh sorry I forgot I was gonna post. Well come on you know you want to kiss your monitor because the NEW site is so pretty.

I have been pondering changing the look for a few weeks and decided finally that I would. The old page was a little blah and no so much me....this is more my it. I saw this template and I swear to God I could smell the incense and hear the Door's playing in the background. MMMMMMMMMMM LOOOOVVVVEEEE IT!!!

The only shit thing is that I did not save the widget HTML code's so I have spent the last hour either writing code or searching through Flash drives for my widgets & pictures. I cannot find my blog rating HTML stamp so I am kinda wondering WTF it went.

EDIT: I got re rated....I am a naughty girl.

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Thank the coffee maker that I have enough caffine to sort through this with out my head spinning around and pulling a Linda Blair----this clip is soooo wrong but so fucking funny. I hate that movie one of the few that scare the shit out of me.

Guess what......


K I will be back later with the Halloween update, I am gonna light some incense, turn on some "People are strange" and relive my youth for a bit. Oh hell I need to add morning music so here ya go a bit of my very well spent youth.

People are Strange-Doors

Love Me Two Times- Doors

Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd
This is actually my all-time favorite song, I watched the Wall 486 times in a 6 month period when I was living with Traci & Laura. HMMM.....

Peice of my heart-Janis Joplin

My Anthem

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