Sunday, October 21, 2007

Total Randomness

Laundry day !!! Yeah my favorite!!! I have about 5 loads to do and I am committed to finishing them distractions no TV watching no internet......shit....I am already distracted.

I am really not a fan of laundry the amount that the other residents of my house create is ridiculous. The girls are totally tom boys so they end up changing at least 3 times a day. Last week it was mud and frog guts (anatomy lesson & dissection conducted in driveway) when it is nice out it is blood and fish guts (don't ask). It gets to be a little daunting I have tried doing a load a day but somehow this week it got away from me so now I am stuck doing it all day. I do not mind as it is a shitty day here again. I am writing this post chilling in my jammies and my Vans which are doubling as slippers today.

I did get a chance to experiment a bit with my new camera and work on learning how to fade out backgrounds here are some pictures from yesterday. I really like the one of Lillian in the background.

The 2nd and 3rd photo were taken less than a minute apart just a few adjustments and a completely different look.

I did find some graffiti in our little town and took a picture for my site as soon as I get the crop right it is gonna be on my header. Right now when I put it up it comes up as a 8 x 10.

Yesterday my friend Suz was stuck inside all day babysitting for her brother and one of our other neighbors. I walked in her door saw this and walked out and got the camera. She was a bit disgruntled about the day I did however remind her that there are women who are blessed=(retarded) and have that many kids. She was not amused.

I made her a promise that if I used her picture I would put up an equally humiliating ie:camera breaking picture of me. So here I am Au natural (no not naked pervert) without makeup and just hanging out. Oh yes the camera I bought has HUGE ASS syndrome do not pay attention my butt really does not look like that.
Ok enough crap I need to do laundry and of course watch I Love New York 2 on VHI because really it is so educational:)

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