Thursday, October 25, 2007

Music & Maddness

I had every intention of posting last night but I was just not feeling like it and my internet connection was being bitchy yesterday.

Well whats new? Hmmm where to start. I was really excited yesterday when I was able to get little man down for a nap with me that is not a regular occurance. Usually he naps when the girls are just getting home and I am starting dinner. I was loving it sleeping like a rock on the couch snuggled with my boy then the damndest thing happens. One of my daughters friends moms comes knocking and ringing my doorbell and banging on the door. I do what most people do I ignored it and tried to go back to sleep. You will never guess what she did.....she opened the door and walked into my house. I was stunned she walked in yelling "Yoo hoo, Melissa I need to talk to you." Unbelieveable. I got up and was kinda rude because A. I got very little sleep that night B. My hips are hurting C. She woke up little man so I knew my nap was over.

Want to know what her problem was????? She is one of those moms who cannot allow her children to learn how to work out their own problems with other kids. You know the mom who comes to school for the sole purpose of being the heavy and threatening kids who give their little angel a cross look. I cannot stand these mothers....Hello your child will never learn how to be diplomatic, tactful or have any respect because you are always there doing it for him/her. We are not talking about bullying we are talking kid stuff. My goodness these kids are in 2nd, 4th and 5th grade, get over it these little fights are forgotten tommorow. Trust me I know there are no less than 10 kids at my house everyday and during the summer there are double that. I have reffed many an arguement. I do not get involved, this mother was all about telling me her 2nd grader was going to beat up this sweet little 4th grader for being mean. Well I politely listened and showed her the door for one reason SHE WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT ANY OF MY KIDS so WTF did she come wake me up?

Do not want to get involved and then while the kids were at church she called and said "They are on their way to your house" I am confused and asked "Who is" she said "Her parents they want to talk to you" Now I am getting a little pissed because this has nothing to with my kids and as I am I trying to tell her to keep her issues at her house child #2 parents pull in my driveway. Damn round 2. We will just say I was not in good mood after they left.

Here are my latest pictures of all the bonus kids from this week. Got to love the one of the 3 boys they are all the same age but my kid is 3inches taller.

What else....My sister just texted me"Vegas Baby" she is on her way to the airport to go to Vegas for a week. She was planning on spending some time with Keith but he is playing a couple shows in Canada and he flew out yesterday and will not be home until Sun night so it might not work out. I told her just to invite him home for Thanksgiving he will have to meet the rest of the crazies sooner or later unless Jamie tells him we are adopted. LOL,if you live in Canada and are a Buck Cherry fan here is a link to the concerts there.

I will also start teaching 5th grade religion classes wens nights from 7-8. I laugh a bit at this because really do you people know me? Do I seem like I would be a good teacher? Not so much good thing I am pretty creative I will need to get the lesson plan from the lady who I guess is sustituting for me. I hope I can work in a little tye dye or something. We will see how it goes I am nervous. 5th graders are scary.

I am in the mood for a little music today so that is what I will leave you with. Maybe a post later just depends on how I am feeling.

Be prewarned some of the music I like is not for the faint of heart there are naughty (LOL) words in some of it. I LOVE heavy alternative music along with pretty much everything else. My MP3 player has 700 songs and they rang from country to metal. Bipolar MP3 player.

If you have not seen this movie you are missing out it is F'ing AWESOME!!!!

Love this song it is my pissed off song

Huge Korn Fan

Love this song

My song, if you know my husband you know this true.

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