Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Update!!

I brought my ghouls down to visit grandma for the night and to attend the annual carnival and haunted house the school puts on in Rushmore, MN. Here are some of the pictures from last night. The kids went swimming and had a blast. The girls have made so many friends there it is like kiddie social hour when we show up. I had 3 extra kids for the night, including Ms. Lil's BFF Kensie who refused to go anywhere but with us. Here are Lil, Kensie & Madi

I ended up helping my mom get ready for her big scary bash , it was fun and we all dressed up a bit for the occasion. I got my revenge on my sister for not paying her phone bill. In some of these pictures I am sporting some effing awesome dreads, you are looking at some of my sisters prized hair exstensions. You know the ones that cost bout 200-300 a bag, your are looking at what can be done with a little effort and hair products. Thanks Jamie:) I LOVED the way they turned out I got so many compliments on how sexy the hair was. Makes me want to let my hair grow a few more inches and dread it. Who knows I just might do that. Here are some pictures of all of us hanging out last night.

My Momma & Carrie & me

And here is who I thought should have won the costume contest. White trash and the One Night Stand, very cool ideas the guy even had a little kit for his night of debauchuary. I know some one else that qualifys for both of these and could use a kit.....hmmm...wonder if his wife would make him one?
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

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Anonymous said...

The hair is SEXY Mel, you should grow it out.