Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reasons you never share cell contracts with your sister


So Jamie you are in number uno position on my shit list today. I relized at noon my phone had not rang in like 3 hours....weird....I know I have way more friends and that damn phone rings all the time. I thought to myself I just paid 240 on it last week I am good. Well not the case because Ms. Jamie has not paid her bill since....drum roll please.....Febuary!! That was 8 months ago, I have been paying my bill on time but now since you have not paid they will not turn my phone on because I am the primary account holder. Good Stuff Sis I am pissed. So since I am not shelling out 7 hundred smackers so you can have service guess I am SOL until you pay your bill. Do not think for a minute I will cave and pay it, I do not have anyone that I will die if I do not talk to for a few days, weeks, months. Im good I know how to use a pay phone and I might even go get a prepay phone from Heather at Unicell but come hell or high water I am not paying your bill. So sugarpie better get a jobby job cause you got bills to pay.

For all my other people trying to reach out and touch me....mmmmmmmmm.....touch me:) You all are shit out of luck. As for my bitches call Brent's phone to chat with me he loves that shit. Remember when my phone broke and it took a week to fix he loved being my suck-re-tary. LOL or email me cause unless the neighbor forgets to pay his bill my wireless is always on.


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