Friday, October 26, 2007

Fred Durst and some music

This is the post that will make all my longterm friends slip into the wood work and not acknowledge they know all know it is true. I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to music I love it and have lots. I burn my own cds and I burn for lots of other people. Last week a no name friend was looking through my computer for tracks for a cd and asked me who is Limp Bizkit?

What? "Who is Limp Bizkit?" you are kidding right, we should all know how to get a little "Nookie", we all like things "My Way" and there are days when we all want to "Break Stuff".

Ok well maybe not. But I do. I have been a fan for A LONG LONG time of course they have not had a new cd in years but hell what they did have was good. I have it all sad but true.

In answer I went on to my favorite site for music videos and showed said friend some eye candy...oops..videos. I consider Fred Durst some serious eye candy. I know he is short and bald who cares he is HOT. People I know just do not see it, I see it and someday would love to see all of it. Sorry if that offends anyone (more later on that) Every women has one man who makes you all warm inside and do not be fake and say "Oh it's my husband he is the only one" If that is the truth you are missing out cause a fantasy is very nice to have. This is mine, a tattooed skater bad boy.....mmmmmmmmm...............................

So in honor of that I am adding some of their videos today and I found a cool Phunk Junkee video also. If you listen to PJ have your kids leave the room. Just warning ya there are swear words.

This video is very good. It is

Behind Blue Eyes

My Way


Phunk Junkeezs
They are bad ass!!

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