Friday, September 21, 2007

No children were harmed...I promise:)

I am back from vacation but have been to lazy to blog about it. I contracted cooties ie: pneumonia the week I got back and have been dying for the past 2 weeks. I am still not quite at my prime hard to be funny when you are sounding like Daffy Duck and have to pant to get a full sentence out. I seriously have more snot stuffed in my head then an entire kindergarten classroom. It is sick and nasty I have considered buying stock in kleenex these last 2 weeks. My nurses at my clinic laughed because I am a baby about going to the Dr hate going and will do anything to avoid it. Hello I have seen more Dr's since Oct 24, 2006 then I did through 3 pregnancys and 3 children guess that is what the big "C" word does fills all your time with Dr's visits. They knew I was in bad shape when I called and needed a appointment I even got a same day one and they did not make me wait when I got there in and out in less than a half hour. Good Job Ladies!!! I am just thankful I was able to go to my regular clinic and not to see Dr. Fiegen that would not have been fun, his main goal is to get me back on the operating table so he can remove my girl stuff to eliminate the "C" and prevent future problems but hey I like having my girl stuff and I am not fond of being laid up for 6 weeks and no driving for 4 weeks. I wonder if the no driving is because I will have hormonal rages after the surgery...hmmm...that sounds like a good defense. Sorry officer I was robbed of girl parts and now I am a little bitchy....yes I understand that is my husband under the tire....LOL. I do need to schedule that soon it will be a full year since diagnosis in about 6 weeks. Please if you do not know me do not think I am not an advocate for my own care I had surgery on Feb 1 of this year and they found exstensive scarring and were not able to continue after they punctured a nickle sized hole in my bladder. I ended up with a lovely leg bag and catheter for about 3 1/2 weeks so can you see why I am not jumping for joy at the thought of another surgery!! It has taken 8 months for me to be able to drink a full glass of water with out having to pee RIGHT NOW. I kinda like the bladder control makes getting hammered a little more fun. Well I am done I will post some stuff about my trip here in the next day or so. Here is what I will leave you with....Lukus had horns on this trip but they were nothing a good pair of handcuffs could not cure.

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