Monday, January 28, 2008

Husband+Closet Space=Disagreement

Allotted closet space how does this actually work?

Is it a 50/50 thing, 60/40 or what? My definition of allotted closet space is I will use as much as I need to. I think that is fair. I have more than he does but here is the division in the closet:

Him-124 items hanging (every fucking t-shirt he can cram in there)
Me-18 items hanging
Him-16 jeans-22 t-shirts folded on shelf
Me-33 jeans-60 t-shirts-snow pants-8 scrub pant-6 sweats (and its laundry day)-on shelf

I also have purses, girly stuff, wife beaters, tanks & belts and scarves in the 18 hanger count.

Hang on I will get to the point here

My husband has been bitching that I am over my “Allotted” closet space….well my response has been “I have a vagina and the words allotted closet space are not in my vocabulary” Very polite I think…so huge blowout about the space issue….I rearrange my stuff to attempt to appease him. Here is the fucked thing after all was said and done guess what his response was? Stumped?

“Where the Fuck did you get all these clothes?”

Ahhh it is true love.


sterlingirl said...

First, 33 pair/pairs? of jeans!!! Holy crapus. Second, why is it men hang their T-shirts??

Melissa said...

My husband has issues and I have on occasion called him a clothes whore because he hangs everything when I met him he even hung his jeans after ironing them..cough..he may be a little gay..not real sure..LOL:)
33 pairs of jeans is not to bad I LOVE to shop what you should be asking is how I hide the 94 pairs of shoes from him:)

mindicherry said...

I don't know why men hang their t-shirts either...especially when they take the nice unwrinkled shirt off the hangar then oput it on to go paint or dig in the dirt.

The biggest argument my husband and I ever had? when he started going through my side of the closet saying things like "well when was the last time you wore this? do you really need to keep it?"

Slick said...

Pppfftt...I got a little corner in our closet that I can call my own.

Lucky ass women....

BusyDad said...



Melissa said...

BusyDad I am so not telling you my closet expansion secrets next thing I would have is a angry mob of women at my door bitching cause I let you in on the real "Secret"