Thursday, January 17, 2008

What is the deal with women in the work place why do they need to attempt to undermine other women when we are all working towards the same goal?

I am a woman that respects other woman I respect that most of us have to work because life is expensive and for a working mom there are extra responsibilities as we balance a family and a career. Why are there women out there that do not have any respect for that? Do not get it and I hate working in a profession that is mostly women but I love what I do and am not about to give that up.

I will however not allow someone/anyone to speak to me in a manner that is rude or degrading so that makes for an interesting work environment. I have the ability to go from 0-Bitch in 3.2 seconds if you rub me the wrong way. I am not saying I enjoy being a bitch but I am not about to let another woman act as thought she holds some power over my future….never going to happen.

Today was an interesting day at work lets just put it that way. A co-worker found out just how little it takes me to tell you to fuck off, I do not put up with dumb lazy people who do not pull their weight and have the nerve to assign work to me that is her responsibility. Well let’s just say I believe I solved an ongoing problem for the facility I work in…people like to delegate their jobs or disappear when there is work to be completed not today cause I told the delegater that she needed to do her own damn work and had my statement reiterated to her by my manager. I happily completed my work by 10am and had plenty of time to complete extra duties because I wanted to not because some lazy bitch told me to.

AHHHHHHHH all in a days work. Today’s lesson is do not mess with the Queen Mother of Bitches because you will not like the results.

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Geeez girl...

I wasn't intimidated until I got done with this post ;)