Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tonight I am very angry at my 2 daughters for being total complete horse asses and not keeping their room clean. I am not talking little messy I am talking full out pig shit hole....dirty dishes....candy wrappers....bits of paper....and about 200 of my DVD's laying on the floor out of there cases. Clean clothes laying everywhere on the floor that was the issue that made me blow a gasket tonight I went up stairs because they were being butt heads and would not lay down so I went up to give them a stern talking to well....the clothes that I had washed today and hung on hangers....the clothes they only had to walk up the stairs and hang in their closet were on the floor with half of them broken. I was LIVID they are 9 & 8 and are certainly able to hang clothes in their closet. I am done I have told them that when I get home from work their room will be cleaned out no toys, no colors, no fancy Bratz furniture, no nothing except the beds and the books. I took the Zen's, Gameboys, TV, DVD Player & lamps out already.
I refuse to be taken of advantage of I just cleaned their room a week and a half ago and gave them a 19in Plasma to watch movies on (no cable allowed in rooms except mom & dads) I even did the under the beds and entire closet, drawer, toy name I cleaned it. You cannot see the floor there is at least a sinkful of dishes......get the picture. I have decided that if they refuse to keep it clean and take care of their stuff they will no longer get stuff or be allowed to have stuff. I may be mean but it is time for tough love here. The screams of horror and tears you will hear tommorow at 4pm CST are from my girls coming home from school and finding out what a true heartless bitch their mother is. The thing that pisses me off the most is that their stuff and I mean all of their stuff is less than a year old if you remember in May we had a house fire and lost pretty much everything. All the stuff they had was destroyed so we have worked scraped and given up stuff so they can have stuff. Makes me so mad.
I need some opinions am I wrong for taking it all away after they have already lost so much?


BlueBella said...

Oh Melissa that stinks! You are right to impose rules - you're the parent, and therefore, the BOSS!

My folks did that to me one time - they took everything out of my room and put it in boxes in the basement. If I wanted it back, I had to go down there, sort it out and get it myself. Believe me, I didn't make that mistake again.

Hope you feel better soon!

Melissa said...

That is an awesome idea...I think that is what I will do I am off wensday and will pack it while they are at school...good stuff bella...

I am feeling GREAT actually better than I have in a year the best is no more back pain the Dr removed a ton of stuff wrapped around my spine in my lower back. The change was instant and amazing!!!

sterlingirl said...

Ya know, I think kids are just different these days. We didn't tear up things. Now, I can't believe the disrespect my niece and nephew (coincidentally, 9 & 8) have towards stuff. Anything. They do know when they come to my house, they will respect my things.