Thursday, January 10, 2008

Texas Here I come!!

This post is gonna say Thursday but it is for Friday..Got it?

Ok I have started a new trend in my house we are gonna travel more....well I am and I am going to encourage my hubby to do the same so as a present for his b-day I am sending him to Vegas with his dad and 3-4 of his friends. He does not know this and will not find out until mid-March but as of today I am more than likely the most hated wife amoungst our circle of friends. I have asked some of his super close friends to go, well some of them are married and their wives do not support seperate trips to Vegas.

My good friend Kara left me a voicemail tonight that was Kara style that I have not ever heard directed at me....she was a bit bitchy....not a surprize cause I love Kara cause she is as bitchy as me but we never are to each other. Get that 2 bitches who do not bitch at eachother.

Her VM was pretty much saying her husband was going and what did she need to do for the tickets.....her tone of voice could have cured global warming and refroze iceburgs. I was confused cause when I asked her monday it was a definite no and she was not gonna tell him about the trip well she broke down and mentioned it to him tonight and well he is going and she is not happy. I feel bad that she is not happy and I understand her reasons, she is not insecure or untrusting she is actually pretty amazing but unhappy and I am sorry.

But me sending him there is cause I am going to Texas to visit my sister in law and my beautiful neices along with some other friends. I am going to rent a beach house in Galvestan for a week and be a beach bum hopefully with my friend Traci and maybe Jenny if she quits crying about how she hates the water and does not swim...suck it up whiner you know you want to go. Either way I will be sunning my ass on the Gulf Coast this summer for 2 how you like them apples. MMMMMMM tasty for me. I asked Tiff but she is going to Ireland in Sept and cannot afford 2 big trips:(
Oh well I am going to the beach and I am going to enjoy it,
So you coming Traci or what?

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