Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well tomorrow is the day I have dreaded/anticipated since Feb, I am finally having the surgery. I am a little nervous and a bit scared of the pain afterwards. I have had ALOT of pain but it seems to me like the surgery pain will be different one I am not used to feeling or dealing with. That makes me a little anxious well alot actually.
I am happy that when I wake up my future will no longer be uncertain, I can start my life again I will be finishing school this year and starting my career as a working mom I have had the title of SAHM/Student for awhile now times are going to change that is for sure.
Say a little prayer for me I will heading in to the hospital at 5am I check in at 5:30 and have to have all labs, EKG and IV's done by 7:30 that is when we start. I am sure I will need a spot of Valium in the am andI will bawl my eyes out(I did last time) and of course there is the last words I utter to my Dr prior to each surgery
"Please don't kill me"
I know no pressure huh....but really please don't I have a life to live and dealing with Cancer has pretty much scared at least 10 years off my life span I do want to enjoy whats left.
So to my blogging buddies, my girl Traci who is stuck in Vegas for a wedding & my other friends and family....please hold I shall return in a few days.
P.S. Do not worry Traci I will be ok no crying when you read this....I miss you have fun and bring me home a damn Coyote Ugly T-shirt or I will beat 6 months we will take a girl trip to Vegas so find the hot spots I am counting on you.....mwah love you.


Phil Mcracken said...

Well, the vegas trip is OFF! Thanks to my husbands brother, who has whored around the town on his wife for years....has felt the need to investigate some rumors about me. Saying that, he has managed to single handedly destroy my marriage, family, and my trip to Las Vegas to be in Jen's wedding. He who thinks HE is a GOD and what he does is okay. It is official! I am done with these fucked up people; and if I EVER run into his brother in a dark alley, he better pray to GOD that I am driving the Audi and not the Nav! Cause he will be road kill...

Phil McCracken said...

And one more thing.......Mel I will be praying for you during your surgery. And will be there to visit as soon as you call me, dammit! If you left me here alone, I would just decide on a life of insanity and rid the world of all the people that you and I wish to dissapear! LOL

ben dover jr said...

Hey Phil I hear the distress and if he is still here in 2 weeks we can go out and show how I should have played professional baseball...batter up anyone? I am in knee cracking mood. Anti social retard is trying to reason with me but hell I am ready for a little action he is just lucky I like him these will get you

I think we should add Adam and his mom to the list of potential orthopedic patients they both piss me off and who in the fuck does not let his wife hang with her best friend. He is due. I love you sweetie and we will get through this....the only lesson from this is when you eat cake keep only the fridge light on...50...500 I am telling ya it works.

Come see me tommorow I will be at SV in the tower on the south side come sit with retard he could use the support he is more nervouse than me tonight.