Monday, January 14, 2008

Post surgical day 1

My Boys taking care of mama after surgery my spot was where the heating pad is...don't they look cute? Mouths open snoring like chainsaws it was great. BTW we still have not set the date stamp on the camera

Post surgical day 2....look he thinks I am number one!!

The desecration of my poor belly button.

There are some little known facts about me in the pictures the biggest one being I am a ink junkie I love tattoos nice ones, little ones, whimsy ones

My back that was done by Nei Ruffino you have seen her work if you have ever bought a My Little Pony she is the colorist for their packaging and she also does INCREDIBLE comic book color her work if Freaking Awesome. This is my lower back.

The stars are on the back of my neck.

The daisy on my left arm.

My handsome bald boy looking a bit dirty.

Thats It for tonight sorry for just throwing some pictures out and nothing good but I am tired and I have to work at 6am.




BlueBella said...

LOVE the ink, doll! I have colorful stars like that on my foot:)
Feel better, babe! And glad you have such a supportive crew to take care of you.

Melissa said...

I actually have 3 more and have at least 2 more planned maybe 3 depends on if I can have Nei(Sarah) draw me a pinup fairy that I will have tattooed on my upper left shoulder. I LOVE my little stars they are cute I wanted to have them somewhere semi private and I have long hair so my neck was perfect:)

Melissa said...

LOL about the supportive crew my daughters left me home with the boys who ate all the good food, farted all night and fell asleep long before I did. I would not trade them though that little boy stole my heart the minute I laid eyes on him. My hubby can be pretty awesome to at times:0