Saturday, January 12, 2008

Been being a bit lazy this weekend spent most of the day today cleaning and washing laundry hubby is not to be trusted doing laundry so for the past week there has been only 3 loads done. Well for a family of five 3 loads is peanuts, I spent the day catching up. We had Brent's dad out for dinner and we grilled steaks while he played with the kids. Other than that not much here today. I do think the incsion on my right side has a bit of a hernia from me carrying up a basket of laundry I noticed today there is a marble sized hard lump under it and I felt a strange warm tearing sensation halfway up the basement stairs....not good.
In other news I will be heading back to the work force monday at 7am I am a little excited but sad that my days of hanging out with the little man are going to be weekends only. He is my buddy but he needs to go to daycare and I need to work.
I hope you all had a restful weekend

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