Tuesday, January 15, 2008

F'ing Drunk Drivers

Dear Drunk Buick Driver,

This morning I encountered your lovely rear end floating all across the white line on the interstate. I watched as you attempted to correct your driving in an effort to not be noticed I then watched you over correct and jerk your car into the right lane narrowly missing the car that sadly was already driving in that lane. I followed your swerving ass the entire 30 miles until I exited for work it was scary and made me late but I along with the entire line of cars behind you were to scared to pass just in case you decided to turn us into roadkill. No we were not playing follow the leader we were praying you would not kill any of us.

I understand that hey it was a Monday night woo hoo great excuse to get bombed must have been a rough one for you to still be wasted and driving at 6am. Office party get a bit wild? Close a big deal?

Personally I don’t give a flying fuck what your excuse was. I do however ask that the next time you get wasted that you not drive. Do not use the route I and other innocent people use to go to work….in fact could you just not drive? Drinking and driving do not mix for any reason.

I have survived a house fire and cancer this past year and I am pretty excited for the rest of my life. I have things to do and goals I intend to complete, I made a promise that includes me living my life long enough and good enough for my children, husband and family. I would be a little pissed if you took that away from me cause for real I am not going out like that.

I suggest that next time you get drunk you stay home because I bet you do not want your life to end prematurely and the chance that it will is very good if you continue to drink and drive.

Concerned Citizen

P.S. If I ever see you drunk driving again in my turf I will straight up follow you home dial 911 and proceed to beat the ever loving shit out of you and your vehicle you inconsiderate fucking moron.


Ian said...

I thought you're being nice giving this tool until "next time" before reporting him to the police. Should have done it as soon as you got to a phone.

Slick said...

Amen girl!!

If i was with ya, I'd snatched him outta the car and shoved his head in the tailpipe.

That's one thing I can't stand either....

People who have no clue how dangerous they are.

Mindi said...

This is one of the ONLY reasons that I have ever been sorry that I don't carry a cell phone. I would have been on the phone with 911 the minute I suspected he was drunk.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh man.....that so pisses me off. Great post!