Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cancer FREE!!!

Can you say it? I am cancer free, for the first time in 1 year 2 months 9 days I can say that.
Tommorow I will wake up for my first cancer free day just saying that makes me want to cry.
The Dr was able to use the co2 laser to get clean margins on all sides and below now we just pray that when I have my 4 week pap there is nothing new growing.
I am home tonight we arrived home about 2, Sue was here with the kids and Traci came out and burned me some movies to watch....I think she needed to be here for herself as much as me I know that sounds funny but my Traci needs to do stuff in situations like this....she even brought me some food including a small Frosty. I went to bed and passed out cold from the pain meds I sleep up until bout half hour ago when the meds started to wear off. Not good...need to stay in front of it.
I have 3 inscions in the belly including a big one in my belly button which is full of dried blood for some reason I bleed alot today. When they removed the IV and taped up my hand I attempted to put on my bra and felt a gush down my back the IV site had a blow out and was seriously pumping out blood like I gashed an artery through the cotton balls, bandages and threw the tissues I grabbed quick to wipe it. Not good.
I will post some more tommorow and I have pictures that the Dr gave Brent to show him why I have so much pain I will scan them in and show'em off. They are pretty an upclose and personal veiw of my interior organs kidneys, bladder, uterous, tubes, ovaries & spine.


BlueBella said...

Congratulations on this AMAZING and WONDERFUL news!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so very happy you are free:)

sterlingirl said...

Wow!! I'm so happy for you! That is wonderful.