Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just call me the lazy blogger this weekend. I have been out of my house exactly 2 times for a total of maybe 10 mins the rest of the time has been spent on the couch watching movies and being lazy. I did some cooking this weekend made some biscuits and gravy...mmm...yummy, homemade carmel rolls & beef stew with dumplings. It has been 11 below here all weekend and comfort food was a given. I may need an intervention cause I ate ice cream with EL Fudge cookies as a spoon....I know how totally FAT GIRL is that? My husband about died when he saw the ice cream incident. I swear it is hormones but who I have to go cause we are watching the Packers vs Giant game and we just went into overtime.
Love Ya I will be back tomorrow:)

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