Monday, February 4, 2008

Missing me yet?

So yes I have been a lazy blogger once again what can I say I got a bit of a life and I am freaking tired. I swear I must have seasonal affective disorder I am suffering from the super blahs.
I did however manage to drag Jenny off the couch and tempt her with food to come watch the Super Bowl last night with me. That was fun we grilled in the snow drank beer and hooted and hollered at all the appropriate times. It was a good game still a little bummed about the Patriots loss but will get over it.
Here are some pictures from last night.....disclaimer the deal was a PJ party and no showers or makeup were allowed.....we look fucking a bad way.
My husband is a lucky bastard he always looks damn good....asshole. Well lets just say Jenny and I had a few to many to look good and we laughed so hard I thought I would cry.
Operation: Drunk Tomfoolery is in effect and that means that we are going to Ireland next year during this time for 2 weeks pretty fucking excited about that we are gonna do a day in Amesterdam for a layover....more later on that. Blogger will not load my pictures I have to do a cyber ass kicking be back later.


sterlingirl said...


chrissy said...

love the pj party idea. : )

Melissa said...

Ah the pictures are coming I went to town with the hubby and now am happily shoveling mashed potatoes in my mouth...sterlingirl I know you can appreciate a good potatoe moment.